After eating gold plated Steaks, and the fierce invective of his critics, the professional football player Franck is attacked Ribery from a politician. The SPD-health expert Karl Lauterbach attacked also ribéry’s employers FC Bayern Munich President Uli Hoeness.

“Ribéry feeds for 1200 Euro Steak with gold leaf lining’. Shows the ratio of Bayern Munich to money in sports,” tweeted Lauterbach, “The whole club remains unsympathetic. With tax evader Hoeness started. That Ribéry Fans fits as the envious insults into the picture.“ Lauterbach finished his Tweet with the desire that rival Borussia Dortmund in this season’s German masters.

according to the Bach’s Comments were discussed in the social network active, and hundreds of Times shared. Many users defended Ribery: As the professional to spend his money, he could decide for himself. Also, the equating of Ribéry and FC Bayern disliked some. Others wondered why the politicians external to such a marginal issue.

Lauterbach added that is why later on: “We have politicians allowed the Sport to the “dull resentment”. Not only the Top journalists are allowed to attack the Bavaria commercial.“ In the discussion in the network, also prominent journalists were involved.

Ribéry had published two days ago, a Video of him showing how he Nusret tried a gold-plated Steak of the Turkish Restaurateur Gökçe in Dubai. The piece of meat is supposed to have 1200 Euro cost. After the professional many users accusing the social networks, then detachment, responded Ribéry with a fierce rant on the social network Instgram.