Not all transport companies have vehicles and drivers. Transapp out In do it without. It’s, we understand that shippers and carriers into contact with each other. It is a young company consisting of two people.

“throughout my career, I noticed that the sender will be a huge demand for a platform like ours,” says Frederick-Fort, as a mid-forty-something over twenty years get to work in the logistics and transportation industry. At that time, he has worked for Ziegler, based in Gent. At that time, he learned also of the bottlenecks in the know’. “As such, entrepreneurs are often the carriers for the price, but they do not actually have or is also the most cost-effective companies, for example, a mission to a foreign country.”

Two years ago there was a Fort on the idea of creating a platform to develop the various transport operators be compared with each other, and immediately, with a mission to be. On this platform, and the app has been in since may of this year.

In comparison with the machines in the transport industry, Transapp, but a minibedrijf. “We are two of the partners. And in addition to this, we’ll be back in two freelance marketers and two freelance programmers,” says Fort. The technology is in the lead, though he is still rather a company than a technology company. “The experience that we have with transport, it is necessary for us to have the expertise and will require you to be able to reflect on one of our platforms.”