that afternoon, Michael Schaefer has once again short distances. The book store at the Huguenot street is regularly the target. After that, he goes only a few steps to the butcher shop and pick up a bulging bag. In the fruit shop at the land of count place the seller, Birgit Radtke is already waiting. Schaefer grabs cart bags, and packages from shops in a small and rolls almost silently. With the electrically-powered car he drives to the customer, books, sausage and salad. Without any additional cost for the buyer.

Bernhard Biener

correspondent of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung for the high Taunus district.

F. A. Z.

“Friedrichsdorf s”‘is to offer the ambiguous slogan, with the business people of the Huguenots city since October, a delivery service. Two interlocking “F”, the cross-strokes are designed as arrows, as a striking Logo to the loading doors. In a survey Friedrichsdorf seniors had called such an offer as desirable. The trade Association “Active Friedrichsdorf” to handle the issue. “Our working group on digitisation has been working for longer with Online trading,” says spokesman Claus Hagen Hoff.

A “promotion of the trade for the customer”

The town has helped at the Start and in the words of economic development Uwe Hild, sticker, advertising, and clothing for the driver, paid. Otherwise, the operation is in the hands of the trade Association. The ongoing costs, such as the 400-Euro-Job of the driver, to Finance the participating merchant with a monthly fee. With the Association’s 100 members, service providers, artisans, restaurateurs, and professional, takes back. “The Whole thing is supposed to be an action of the trade for the customer,” said Hagen Hoff. The latter must not come from Friedrichsdorf. Is supplied even to Bad Homburg, Rosbach and Wehrheim, Monday to Friday. What is ordered up to 15, is placed, if in stock, on the same day between 16 and 20 hours.

to order, The principle of goods and delivery of course evokes the Amazon, but also Hagen Hoff know that the Name of the largest Online retailer can serve the attention. “This is not our competitor”. It is going to bind to local purchasing power. The urban economy conveyor Hild turns out to be Small the character as a regional service delivery:”, fine, smart.” The experiences of the first weeks, both to appreciate the emergence of five to ten deliveries a day. A cross section through the things of daily life it is intended to offer, says the trade Association spokesman, to the list of the 18 participants.

“The response is very positive,”

the customers of The bookstore have taken up the offer of “very good”, says the owner of Ute slate stone. “Older customers use it, but also a younger was ill and needed something to read,” she says. As driver Michael Schäfer cash for the various transactions and may settle, slate stone in different ways to your money. “Some people get a bill, others will pay at the time of ordering, and others, if you come the next Time in the Store.”