Norway’s Star Sagosen: The hottest promise of the world hand-balls


    The Fascinating thing about Sander Sagosens game is the unpredictability. If he jumps in the back of the room, you know, practically never about whether he will play or even throws. Strikingly elegant, the looks in this Sport who lives just at the end of a tournament, often by force. Sagosen weighs only 90 kilograms. He tried to look as little as possible in the fight with the defense to wear down. His coach Christian Berge let him, therefore, usually only in the attack play, give Sagosen rest, for he is as a shooter and Director, the most important figure in Norway.

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    Sander Sagosen has on the field of broadcasting, the drifts sometimes Arrogant, but when it comes to the Norwegians, to defend their Star: “Sander who is mentally strong and very self-conscious,” says pivot Bjarte Myrhol, who played for a long time at the Rhein-Neckar Löwen and Sagosens Allude to benefits. That he is not satisfied with a little, proved Sagosen on Wednesday evening, as the semi-finals, and he told Norwegian media: “Now we want Gold.” Myrhol had predicted a medal, of whatever Hue, is now the target.

    42 goals in 71 attempts, the 23-year-old Trondheim in this world Cup before the semi-finals this Friday (20.30 imF.A.Z.-Live scores for basketball-WMund in the ARD) against Germany thrown in. It is not tough, if he delivers, the first-round defeat against Denmark. The whole Norwegian Team was living up to its potential. As it was against Sweden and Hungary to the round of four, was Sagosen and directed.

    He is learning everyday from the Best. In his second season the right plays-handed Paris St-Germain next to Mikkel Hansen and Nikola Karabatic. At the Star-Team from France Sagosen convinced in the middle and half on the left; he gets a lot of shares and was, compared with Mikkel Hansen, the last considerably more eye-catching players. Hardly any adjustment problems had Sagosen, the Versatile in the backcourt, and the good performances for PSG have made him the hottest promise of the World handball. He has that certain Something. His teaching years he spent in the Danish city of Aalborg.

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    Sagosen this burden to carry. But one should not reduce the Norwegians on him. Christian O’Sullivan from the SC Magdeburg plays next to him is a strong tournament, the circle Myrhols experience is still worth Gold. On the left, Magnus Jöndal refines an already compact Team he has to Try the fabulous hit rate of 90 percent, and 46 goals from 51. Uwe Gensheimer is 71 percent.

    Jöndal has only played in a small Norwegian club semi-professional football until he was 26 years old. Now he has taken the big step to the SG Flensburg-Handewitt, and there is next to Göran Johannessen, Magnus rod, and Torbjörn Bergerud, the Nordmann group. Left-handed rod experienced a good world Cup while it is apparent Johannessen, the lack of Fitness after his thumb fracture. Bergerud and Espen Christensen of GWD Minden to reach the goal, rarely of the highest level.