wife Zilla, on Wednesday has declared opposition leader Juan Guaidó himself President of Venezuela. However, the Regime of Nicolás Maduro does not want to give up. How it came to this explosive Situation?

The Opposition has managed to act together and mobilize the population. When a Momentum occurs, it is difficult to predict, especially in Venezuela. Because here we have not only a political and economic crisis but also a humanitarian. People are struggling to Survive. This is enough of a challenge. To rebel, the Motivation is there, because the situation is so bad. But rebel also costs energy and resources. Add to that the fear of Repression.

Why is escalated the Situation right now? Venezuela is after all, for years, economically bad.

This has to do with two political factors: the arrival of The Maduro’s at the beginning of January has brought the population back is a reminder that the country is ruled by an authoritarian Person, the holding by unfair elections. At the same time, the Opposition has managed in the Form of the national Assembly to agree on a new Person moves to the front and this Institution embodies. The young Guaidó is a blank slate. Given the turbulent history of Venezuela that is an advantage. He not only embodies the hope for a better future and not the past, which was dominated by corrupt elites.

the Opposition, which is, of course, to a large extent of the upper-middle class has managed to unite so many people?

There is no other Alternative to Maduro as Guaidó. The people, therefore, rather out of necessity, behind the young leader of the opposition. What is missing is a competitor for the favour of the Chavism, but against Maduro. So someone would have a good Chance. Since there is not this figure, however, appears Guaidó like the Phoenix from the ashes.

What Guaidó advertises? How he wants to liberate Venezuela from the misery?

The Opposition is characterized traditionally by a negative agenda. Their own Agenda has always been rather thin. It was not always clear what you wanted, what would you introduce yourself. The only thing the Opposition stressed that ever was, is that she wants to lead the social policy of the Chavism, for the time being. This is to secure the support of large groups of the population. Guaidó is now at least something more concrete by proposing the population, a three-step Plan: the resignation of Maduro, his transitional government and the potential for new elections. Such concrete plans formulated by the Opposition. Guaidó not needs to Express himself, but only to further political development, but also approaches to a solution for the humanitarian crisis in supply. It would stand him in good stead, if he would reject in favour of humanitarian corridors, the Maduro Yes.

What is the role interference plays in from the outside? For example, from other countries in the Region?