(OTTAWA) The minor controversy over American superstar Taylor Swift snubbing Canada on her new tour has reached the House of Commons.

The singer-songwriter has announced nearly 40 new dates for her “Eras” tour. However, Canadian fans of Taylor Swift were disappointed on Tuesday when they discovered that these new dates still did not include a stop in Canada.

Alberta Conservative MP Matt Jeneroux announced he was filing an “official” complaint on behalf of “all Swifties” across the country.

In a letter addressed to Speaker of the House, Anthony Rota, MP Jeneroux argues that not only will Canadians not be able to see Taylor Swift perform, but Canadian cities will lose the opportunity to benefit from the economic spinoffs generated by these popular events.

Conservative MP Melissa Lantsman chimed in on Twitter saying that while she wasn’t sure specifically how it would work, she would “second” the complaint to the Speaker of the House.

The letter is also getting support from across the House: Liberal MP Ya’ara Saks wrote on Twitter that she “supports” efforts to get Taylor Swift to stop in Canada.