Man hid dead mother for two years, in the bedroom, to get her pension out: Acted out of greed


” Piet van der Molen uit Oirsbeek, in Limburg (nl), has on Monday, five months to be effective, and five months on probation because he was in the body of his dead mother’s house and hid. So, he could be each and every month, her pension will be yours.

“Every night before I go to bed, I said goodnight to her,” says the 66-year-old man.

two and a half years, he held the body of his mother, Gerda (no. 91), hidden in the house. He wrapped her in a plastic container. After that, he put his mother in a coffin, converted closet, which is sealed in order not to smell bad.

Until the end of 2015, it was the body was discovered. Research has found out that she was a natural cause death. All this time, Pete the benefit of the pension of his mother’s pocket. A total of around € 70,000.

The man had last year in the court of Maastricht to appear. It was then that he and a half years in prison. The court of appeal of Den Bosch, was on Monday re-assessment and found that the sentence is not harsh enough. Van der Molen will have five months effective imprisonment and five months ‘ probation. According to the court, that he acted out of greed.