The rabbit is the rabbit is a Wolf. And you can see that. The meanest among the Bunnies looks like a living, but in spite of the decay, and the deduction of a fallen Predator. Tattered ears, matted fur, cloudy left eye. Anyone looking at him, says, to be able to smell him. The Attitude? From head to toe on hate set. Here, General Woundwort, was the name of the sounds, one is inclined to say: old rat – such a sweet child. But then he experienced a family tragedy, the consequences of which would not have get to the best therapist in the handle. From now on, the appetite was on tender plants after shoots continuously, in order to make activities blood thirsty place.

Kai Spanke


F. A. Z.

The mental crack-up and the resulting angle features of the General who commanded in a firm rabbit-the battalion, in turn, have traumatized an entire Generation of children. In the published in 1978 animated adaptation of Richard Adams’ six years previously published novel, “Down by the river” jump not cuddle journeyman as thumper, flower meadows, no, this battle-tested buck in the case of lightning and Thunder go at each other. The end of open. Dead probably.

Where the people are, is also the death

After the material has been adapted from 1999 to 2001, for the second Time for a thirty-nine episodes comprehensive animated series, now the third attempt. Four episodes produced by Netflix and the BBC, written by Tom Bidwell and directed by Noam Murro. “Down by the river” is a classic adventure story. A couple of rabbits escape their construction, because one of them, see Risch gifted Fiver, had a sinister Vision. Led by his brother Hazel, you have to find a new place to Stay, get into Misadventures, encountering in a friendly, funny, and shady associates, and must constantly be careful not to bite into the Grass. In addition to its own terms (for example, for natural enemies, or joint Linings) have the rabbit on a mythology whose to Say from Generation to Generation.

All of this will have Filmologen and critics again and again with biblical motifs and Homer’s “Odyssey”. On the basis of the forced Exodus of the rabbit force, questions as to the importance of nature conservation and is home to make also. The protagonists themselves have a clear opinion: “Where the people are, is also death.” Since car noise on the streets, which chop up the landscape. Since the excavator to turn lush meadows in new housing developments. Since cats and dogs are lurking to prey on fat. Some of the rabbits to talk to, if you are only running once warm, such as philosophy students in the seminar: “There is Evil in the world, and it comes from the people.” Because, however, exceptions confirm the rule, at the end hopeful tones: “Maybe some people understand that everything that lives, suffers, that every living being is worthy of respect.”

A rabid, active rabbit Horde

Some people don’t understand very well, some rabbits, however, at all. Therefore, the critical sequences of action to show stormy battles. And here is the biggest Problem of this computer-animated mini-series is: as soon As movements are seen, it is unbelievable. Although walls, bridges, benches, and even, the individual hairs of the Kaninchenfells have worked out fine. But every step, every turn, every Twitch is a mechanically acting Rumpelei. Soulless have also looked like “Terra X”-Dinos never. Who was employed in the nineties with video games, the Hazel and the Annex will make a nice Déjà-vu.