Who wants to buy in Online spices shop of Laura Brandt, a tin of Ceylon cinnamon, must decide: “How much is this product worth it?” is asked of the customer. Because instead of a fixed price, the user finds the button “to determine price”. After clicking a slider in the middle of a reference price of 6.50 Euro is open. The buyer pulls the arrow to the left, the digit is always low – up to a Euro. He pulls him to the right, it is always higher.

the Bremer woman Offers a Paradise for bargain hunters? Take advantage of the customer, the price model does not shamelessly to your advantage? “No,” says the 34-Year-old, which started with your online shop “Yummy Organics” a year ago. “So far, there were only single cases in which less than the reference price has been paid.”

For people who want to do Good

The most were even willing to pay 25 percent more. “This works amazingly well,” says Laura Brandt. The reason is that you put the entire supply chain-from small farmers in Sri Lanka to shipping open and the users declare what are the consequences of your decision. Who pushes online the Regulator to one Euro, reads: “Unfortunately, neither we nor the farmers can survive if we give away our products…Maybe you change your mind again?”

Who is willing to pay significantly more, receives praise, and the guarantee that fair wages are paid and profits are invested in social projects. “My target audience is people who want to do something Good,” stresses the founder.

Higher sales equals lower prices from

“Pay-what-you-want” pay as much as you want With this principle, theatres, concert organizers, Zoos and museums, creating a nationwide attention, the Big art show in Worpswede.

three years Ago, the visitors to the advent Sundays were allowed to decide the price of admission. The result: “more visitors came, and other than usual,” says the former commercial Director, Philip Stanehl. The bottom line is that the Museum have achieved higher revenue than usual.

While the majority of less than the regular eight-Euro admission would have. “But a lot of that can actually come into the house, still paid something,” says Stanehl.


it is a Similar experience Fiona and Christian Brinker. The Pair of leads for the past three years, under the slogan “Priceless happy” Kulturcafé “Findus” in Bremerhaven. On the drinks and menu, no fixed prices. “We give our guests a great vote of confidence, and will not be exploited,” says the 29-year-old Christian Brinker.

The majority of have difficulties, the value of a food. “We join into the conversation,” says Brinker. “Many people want to have the security to pay a reasonable price for it.”

An advantage of the payment system, be it to individual servings to serve, highlights Brinker. In addition, it offers the guests the possibility to give a feedback about how satisfied they were. Some would give more than usual. “For someone who has a lot of money, sometimes 50 cents for a Cup of coffee,” says the innkeeper.