Some supermarket brands have decided to mobilize on the occasion of this crossover weekend. If Leclerc renews its “fuel at cost” operation between Thursday July 28 and Saturday July 30, 2022, Casino offers, from this Friday July 29 and until tomorrow, to transform its customers’ toll tickets into vouchers , reports Le Parisien. At most, it is thus possible to exchange 40 euros worth of toll tickets for a purchase voucher of the same amount.

This voucher can be obtained until Saturday evening. It can be used until Sunday in all Casino supermarkets and hypermarkets from 100 euros of purchase. “The device works in both directions of departures and returns,” said SĂ©bastien Corrado, general manager of Casino supermarkets and hypermarkets. Those who make a round trip over the weekend can even make the exchange a second time.

In addition, it is also possible to combine several toll tickets, as long as the total value does not exceed 40 euros. If the voucher obtained is less important, it can also only be used after 100 euros of expenditure in store. “We reserve the right to renew this system on all crossover weekends, depending on the feedback we will have in the coming days,” said the group’s spokesperson.

This operation is in addition to the one implemented every weekend in the group’s service stations. Every weekend until August 31, the price of fuel is indeed reduced to 0.85 euros per litre. The difference between the actual price and the applied price is then given in vouchers.

These are combined with those obtained by the toll ticket system, but this time with a minimum of 200 euros in store. “It is our desire to support our customers as closely as possible with their concerns about purchasing power. The price of the toll increases the bill for departures on vacation, especially when it is doubled at the price of fuel”, added Sebastien Corrado.