After controversial decisions at the weekend, expressed by the competent DFB-project Manager Jochen Drees understanding for the Anger over the video evidence. In an Interview on the website of the German football Association Drees admitted to the Assembly errors, but also pointed out, rightly, corrected decisions in the Games of the Bundesliga last weekend.

Bundesliga round DISPLAY

The foul penalty to make it 1:1 for Mainz 05 against Hannover 96 was “technically wrong,” stated Drees. The problem is the communication between the referee, Robert Hartmann, and Video was in this Situation, the wizard Patrick Ittrich. It would necessarily have been necessary, that the Impartial self makes an image on the basis of the present image material, because he had no adequate perception of the two struggle. “I’m sure that the original decision would have been by Robert Hartmann corrected,” said Drees.

the Trouble there was with Eintracht Frankfurt about a not given penalty at the 0:1 against Hertha BSC. Drees said referee Daniel Schlager had a free view on the fight and not him as beyond doubt from the penalty spot worthy to be evaluated. Video assistant Bibiana Steinhaus’ve seen these pictures. They had not revealed any obvious discrepancy, there had been a communication to that effect, but no interference.

Drees admitted that it may be in Berlin to give more of a penalty than the 3:0 SC Freiburg against RB Leipzig. Referee Tobias Welz had not been able to see in Freiburg, unlike Daniel Schlager in Berlin, the scene at all. Therefore, the Video had intervened wizard, Welz decided on penalty kicks.

After the recent discussions to get the DFB nunoffenbar advice from former professionals. To take the “former professionals, is a totally sensible suggestion.I’m very open to this, we are going to discuss. Former players have a different perspective on situations that can help us. We have not eaten the wisdom with spoons, blocking any new ideas,” said Drees, the “image”-newspaper.

The former professionals to the referees-first of all, with Videos schools. In Cologne’s Video-basement you are not used to “picture”information. The DFB’m afraid to a lot of Chaos and discussions between Video wizard and former professionals beikniffligen situations. If the DFB with the referee training starts at the beginning of January in the Portugal training camp, is still open. Drees: “is not how Much time until then, but we are tapping the willingness of former players.”

Martin Gets the child, meanwhile, is its exception for Hannover 96, or the 50+1 rule in the end even completely? It could run in the decision of the Permanent arbitration court of the license leagues. This Tuesday the court in Frankfurt am Main, the action of the lower Saxony Federal League Vereins-und of the club heads against the decision of the German football League in July. If there is then also a decision, or whether the fall in the new year, but it is unclear.