(LOS ANGELES) A search has been conducted by Las Vegas investigators trying to solve the nearly 30-year-old murder of rap legend Tupac Shakur, a spokesperson said Tuesday.

Police in this Nevada metropolis “are able to confirm that a search warrant has been executed” Monday in the nearby town of Henderson, a spokesperson said in a statement sent to AFP.

The operation was carried out “as part of the ongoing investigation into the murder of Tupac Shakur”, he added without further details.

A hip-hop legend, Tupac had become an essential artist on the American West Coast after a brief and dazzling career, before being shot dead in September 1996 in Las Vegas, in circumstances that remain unclear. He was 25 years old.

The rapper, behind the hits California, Changes, Dear Mama and All Eyez On Me, has sold 75 million albums.

Tupac had become a key figure in the famous rivalry between the West Coast and East Coast rap scenes of the United States.

Although a native of New York, he epitomized “West Coast” hip-hop after moving as a teenager to California with his family.

His murder was followed, six months later, by that of his East Coast rival, Christopher “The Notorious BIG” Wallace.

Many link their deaths to the rivalry between their record label Death Row (based in Los Angeles) and Bad Boy Entertainment (New York), but music historians claim that this opposition was amplified for commercial reasons.