Virgo, Aries, Capricorn… An Ifop study reveals that the citizens of France are not insensitive to astrology, since 41% of French people believe in this discipline.

According to the CNRTL, this can be defined as “the art of interpreting the particular configurations [between certain stars and the signs of the zodiac] on a certain date, established in a chart of the sky, in order to determine the character of someone, to predict the future.” When it comes to astrology, there are those who really believe in it and those who don’t even want to hear about it. Are you more the type to check your horoscope every morning?

If astrology appeals, other forms of prediction seem to be neglected by the French. They are indeed much less common. According to the study cited above, the ability to read the lines of the hand only appealed to 29% of those questioned. In addition, cartomancy only attracts 23% of believers in France. And if astrology is so popular, it may be because it can predict almost absolutely everything… Even when it comes to your death.

Indeed, astrology is involved in all aspects of life. This is the same for health! There is a specialized branch, “medical astrology,” says Health. Each sign has a number of possible illnesses…and predictable deaths. Planet has made the slideshow below for you, which depicts each sign and the associated doom, according to data reported by Health.