Good news if you worked early, before your 18th birthday, the pension reform will still allow you to leave before the age of 65, this was confirmed by the Minister of Labor, Olivier Dussopt, in an interview devoted to Progress.

In detail, people who started working at 16 or 17, will be able to leave four years before the legal age. These individuals “having contributed four or five quarters before the end of their 18 years” will be authorized to leave four years before the legal age, explained the minister. Who thus intends to create a device “long careers”. These employees will be able to leave from the age of 61, or even 60 if the legal age is raised to 64 and not 65, which the Minister does not exclude.

“We are still thinking about the best formula and discussing it with the social partners,” he told our colleagues. The pension reform project must be unveiled by Elisabeth Borne in January and no longer on December 15, the Prime Minister continuing her negotiations with the unions, the employers and the social partners.

For the moment, a postponement of the legal retirement age to 65 is favored by the government, which is carrying out its reform through a budget text relating to Social Security. Elisabeth Borne also confirmed that the reform should come into force in the summer of 2023.

Remember that today, you can take early retirement for a long career at age 60 or before age 60, whether you are French or foreign, whether you worked before age 20 or before age 16, if you meet the conditions. pension insurance period.

For this, you must have a minimum number of quarters contributed and have acquired a minimum of quarters of pension insurance at the start of your career. For example, for a departure currently at age 60, you must have contributed 169 quarters, or 42 years and 3 months.

To organize your departure, you must request a certificate of status with regard to early retirement from your Carsat, by sending them the appropriate form. This certificate is issued, at the earliest, 6 months before the possible starting point of your early retirement.

As soon as you have received it, you can submit your retirement request on the Retirement info site from your personal space. There, you will be asked to send the certificate issued by the Retirement Insurance.