Just discovered, already threatened New species of frog after the Zurich-based printing pioneer benanntEin team of researchers in Madagascar has discovered a new species of frog. Why is your species name Christoph Froschauer, honors a associates of Zwingli.Hélène Arnet0 comments”Stumpffia froschaueri”: There are probably nicer frogs, but not with a more suitable name.Photo: Franco Andreone (Zoo Zurich)

There was also a beautifully coloured small frogs. The “Stumpffia froschaueri” does not belong to you. He is rather unimpressive. This may be a reason that he lived so long in Secret. But now a research team, with the Zoo Zurich works together, in Madagascar discovered and has described him. The the Zoo of Zurich announced on Wednesday.

The Zoo of Zurich has been active for 26 years in the Madagascar Fauna and Flora Group. In naming this commitment was taken into account, as it is called in the detailed description of the new species of frog. Also a donation, which Orell Füssli made last year on the occasion of the 500 anniversary of the amphibian research in Madagascar is mentioned.

Designed by the Zurich Zoo Director Alex Rübel, and Arabelle Frey, who was up in March of this year in the squad of Orell Füssli action owes.

A reformer, as the name godfather

the species name “froschaueri” specifically honored probably the most famous printer of Zurich, Christoph Froschauer (1490-1564 is). In his house, and in 1522 took place during the time of lent, in the presence of Zwingli, the provocative eat a Sausage that fired the discussion on the Reformation. Froschauer printing is considered the predecessor company of Orell Füssli.

Froschauer printed the first German edition of the Bible (1524-1529). And – the matches – the first ENCYCLOPAEDIA of Animals by Conrad Gessner (1551).

Barely been

The Froschauer threatened frog hardly discovered is also a threat to the extinction of. It is found only in the forest fragments of the Region of Sahamalaza. Of this already small habitat is threatened by deforestation, fires and drought, such as the Zurich Zoo, tells. The research team proposes, therefore, that “Stumpffia froschaueri” is placed on the Red list of world conservation Union.

it is Not clear whether this frog will ever see the habitat of its namesake. In the Masoala hall, it would make room for him. Whether visitors would discover, however, is questionable: Not only because he is of the color of her unimpressive, he is also small: The four individuals are currently between 7.6 and 12.8 mm long. Small as a tadpole.

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