The Canton of Graubünden Parliament to the order on the highest of the Grisons court no concern rebelling judge is not proposed for re-election, against the President of the court, criminal proceedings for breach of official duty – the 120 runs-members of the Great Council to clarify.0 KommentareAm highest Grisons court in Chur should have in the last few years, clashes acuminate.Photo: Keystone/Gian Ehrenzeller

In the confusion at the cantonal court of Grisons, the Great Council is for clear conditions. The judicial Commission decided that a recalcitrant judge not to seek re-election. Against the President of the court, criminal proceedings for breach of official duty is running.

informed The Grand Council’s Commission for justice and safety on Tuesday in Chur about your Decisions. They mainly concern disputes on the highest of the Grisons court in Chur, the zuspitzten in the last few years, and in a request for impeachment against judge Peter Schnyder culminated.

the judge Schnyder should not be excused in the opinion of the eleven-headed and unanimous Parliament Commission for reasons of proportionality of the office, but not for a further term of office be re-elected. The Commission justified the request with the “strong individualism” of judge Schnyder connected with an “Insistence on one’s own opinion in the way that need to be evaluated for a collegial authority as incompatible”.

a Serious breach of official duty presumed

The Commission also adopted the role of the court President Norbert Brunner under the magnifying glass. A “very serious breach of official duty had been found”. The violation of standing in connection with an appeal judgment in a inheritance law case.

the judge Schnyder, should not be re-elected, accuses the President of the court, to have a miscarriage of justice. The President of the court should have amended a judgment later and independently. Thus, a is not in the probate case involved a Person is said to have received a six-figure sum awarded.

On the recommendation of the court President, the Commission waived. The 67-year-old President of the court is the end of the year in Pension. Against him, the Prosecutor’s office leads a criminal case. The way to do this, the Commission made free with the repeal of Brunner’s immunity.

The 120-member Great Council as the electoral body elections at the cantonal court dealt with the Judge in the August session. The Commission must decide on whether or not that Disciplinary measures be taken against the President of the court due to the serious breach of official duty shall be pronounced.

“bullying situation at the cantonal court”

With an opinion, also in the Canton of judge Peter Schnyder reported on Tuesday to have their say. In the opinion of the judicial Commission, it is easier to remove him as a judge as the “bullying situation in the Canton of court” work, he wrote. Scandalous cover-up actions would be supported.

Totally going to be hidden, that the rejection of his Person are due at the court by the court President and his comrades-in-arms in circumstances which they had themselves caused. These people had been there, which had been involved in the falsification of the judgment, respectively, in their cover-up. That he should be punished, therefore, by Not-re-election, be “a real Perversion of the Law”.


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