New York’s heart is still beating


Corona-Film – New York’s heart is still beating spike Lee turns a bitter tribute to his home town in times of pandemic.Jörg Häntzschel0 comment still image from Spike Lee’s short film “New York, New York”. Source: Screenshot

How beautiful it would be, you could has posted the Three-minute Film, the Spike Lee on Instagram, as enterprising small-to-New-York-Hommage to understand. Others have distributed the Lockdown weeks with Online Yoga, or Asian cooking, Lee has a Super-8 Film, a small craft work with which he celebrates his city in the first pictures and by the way, a bit of courage to want to make: “New York, New York”.

As a Tourist on a Sightseeing Tour, he stops at Times Square, the Yankee Stadium and the Statue of Liberty. It is as if he wanted to send his New-Yorkers post cards from your own town, to assure them: be reassured, to her home on the Sofas, it’s all still there. And look, in Prospect Park, the Crocuses are in bloom! As every year!

in the Wake of chained children swings

not Yet happy, the mood shifts quickly. Behavior clap of the waves on the empty beach of Coney Island. Daring whirls the camera around the famous clock in Grand Central Station, but apart from one Person on the horizon of the hall, nothing. Or is it two? And since when added chained basketball include swings, courts, and children, only the Wind moves to the New York Landmarks?

And because Spike Lee of Kodak extra-historical film material has give, with fifty years of colors and a black-and-white, like from the silent film era, now the New York of those days historical foreign, a bit like an empty Paris to the images of Eugène Atget from the end of the 19th century. Century.

Spike Lee on Oscar night, 2019.Photo: EPA

As if that were not enough, Spike Lee placed over all of the dark images also Frank Sinatra’s triumphant anthem “New York, New York”: as a sneering greeting from the time when the city and its inhabitants in a magical energy composite exchange seemed to spur peak performance. And as everything here is just the Failure was not allowed. Over.

The first people to show up here, move cumbersome in misshapen protective clothing. “These little town blues …” – the camera pans over to the field hospital in the Central Park. “I’ll make a brand new start of it” – masked nurses fell Ill to the Trauma Center,” New York’s heart is still beating, the top of the Empire State Building, and pulses in Red. However, the Flashing could also be a distress signal to the world. And Sinatra’s keep “New Yoooork” a desperate cry for help.

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