The National Center for Meteorological Research and Meteo-France have collected data shared by our colleagues from Le Figaro. The study concerns the climate forecasts that France should expect.

Conducted on 300 municipalities, Le Figaro shares with us the classification of the latter according to the frequency of “tropical” and abnormally hot nights. Go directly to our slideshow, available below, to see the top 13 cities in this ranking.

As the daily tells us, “the temperatures presented here are the median of various climate modeling works carried out by 12 European research laboratories (corrected data DRIAS-2020). The data presented come from the RCP4.5 scenario of the IPCC “.Discover the ranking of the first 13 cities in our slideshow.

According to the figures presented, the French should expect a sharp increase in the number of “tropical” nights, and abnormally hot nights. But what does that mean? The so-called tropical nights are nights with high temperatures, at least 20°C. Abnormally hot nights are nights that are well above, that is to say at least 5°C above, the minimum reference temperature.

Find the ranking of the first 13 cities in this ranking in our slideshow below, to find out if yours is one of them.