As the criterion that is actually a bit thin. But on the other hand, had us warns Eric Beuerle de Castro. That it was not him doing a curated exhibition. Rather, he was invited for the opening of a new kind/Of Gallery in front of all those people he may. “These are all my friends.” Sandra’s husband. Thomas Draschan and Bernhard Martin, Konstantin Totibadze, Deniz Alt and Camill Leberer, Mike Hentz or Jos Diegel, therefore, more well-known and lesser-known artists, pursued their work, he usually already for many years.

Christoph Schütte

a Freelance writer based in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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What do you mean with all sympathy, that their positions are compatible, in any case, also good. But de Castro it is with his commitment to the former Offenbacher abattoir site first and foremost. In the Kunstraum Dreieich, he presented with Justine, Otto, Sandra a man or Anke Röhrscheid in the past eight years, artists from their own environment. Graduates of the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Offenbach and at the Städelschule especially sculptors such as Leberer and Willi Siber, the collages of Austrian artist Manfred Peckl and perhaps a little too fond of its own abstractions in industrial coating, in Oil or acrylic.

so far we like the as meaningless as it is a mystery “The world is something flat, or not. . .“ overridden opening exhibition call because, quite consistently, the program of the previous art period. That de Castro has now been opened in the neighbouring Offenbach brand new, has, of course, still a good reason for that. Because it is not only the self-taught, to painting came to the artist may be so far to the showroom in a leading end of the Studio in the future, alone again, and so, in the spirit of the inventor. Here, quite new and hitherto undreamed-of possibilities.

contemporary art in Offenbach

with the owner of terrain de Castro thinks about a “culture campus” on the slaughterhouse premises. And what’s that supposed to mean, in the end, in practice, there is space here from all enough, to put beside the actual, around 300 square meters of exhibition exhibition space, and the solo presentations provided Studio gallery set up around a series of affordable workshops. An ambitious undertaking, not only for a city like Offenbach, called so fond of the creative city. What do you mean for the new, Creative, first of all: You have to improvise.

Just here, where the “Marterie” by Anny and Sibel Öztürk just a slightly different art address your doors closes, just in Offenbach, in addition to his under-appreciated institutions such as the leather Museum, the customs office, or the Klingspor Museum, in addition to the University and of the artists of the YRD.Works operated Kress man-hall another place for contemporary art to some good use. And the Curate wants to leave de Castro, in the future, anyway, before anything else. Bernhard Martin, one of the most famous artists of the current exhibition, is asks.