For all the followers of a zero tariff, or of a 365 Euro annual tickets, the news of a price increase at the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV) of 1.5 per cent is likely to be devastating. For realistic people, which know that transport services have to be paid for, because the train driver or bus driver must be paid for and Diesel or electricity are not free, in this case, the glass is not half empty but half full.

It could have been worse, think of you and remember previous years. In 2016, the Tickets were 1.9 per cent, and 2015 is set to 3,45%. In contrast, 1.5 percent of the past, the new year and next year appear to be modest.

this relatively low increase in prices is only because the country is pumping now higher amounts in the transport than in the past. You think only staff member at the Hessen ticket for the Country, this will flush the RMV a considerable sum of money in the cash register. Soon after the 365-Euro-Ticket for students and apprentices, the senior citizens ticket, which also costs only 365 euros per year. These prices are not of course cover the costs, you can offer to the RMV only, because the public sector is co-financed strong.

transport is of great importance

In times of increasing congestion on highways and major arterial roads in the cities, as well as of the threat of a driving ban for diesel cars the winner is the public transport in importance. In Berlin, the German government, in its desperation for the word “zero-tariff” case, and transport experiments in some cities on the way.

But you should let the word fool you. “Zero tariff” means that the buses and trams is free. Everyone, or at least almost everyone would pay it with you in case of such a model on his taxes. And would probably be increased, you want to realize the utopia of a transport system without tickets.