Florsch after Horror accident phew whether the lives in there
Florsch after Horror accident phew whether the lives in there

The images are scary. Young jockey Sophia Flörsch flies in mid-November at the world final of the formula 3 on the narrow city course in Macau from the track and breaks down with your car a catch fence. The 18-year-old Munich native is breaking the seventh vertebra in the neck, and must then be eleven hours of surgery. “Knowing that I can make three weeks later, almost all of it back and only slight pain I have is crazy,” says Flörsch now. She also speaks about her Comeback Plan, and the role played by your grandma in Macao.

How often do you have the Video of her accident has been considered?

Already a couple of times, but to be honest, it’s a bit surreal for me. I sat in the car, and you experience it completely differently. The whole fly is with the car a very different feel. That’s why I think, when I look at the Video, that it is someone else’s, because it felt different.

How do you deal with the images?

I’m watching the Video every third day, because I can’t myself really believe that I’m there. It is a super terrible Video, and a super horrible accident. Even if I look at the Video, I would think: phew, whether the lives in there? To know that I can make three weeks later, almost all of it back and only slight pain I have is crazy. However, it is also cool that the car is safe and that the driver is so folded well back from the car.

What can you remember of the accident?

I remember everything, I was always conscious. I remember the Safety Car Restart was that I had behind (Carlin-Pilot Jehan) Daruvala, the Just shut down am, very good wind shadow, out have jerked to Overtake and he has been delayed at once. I lost my left tire and as you brake, only as a driver. But I had no control over the car because of the tires. I’m right in the wall, from there on you hands because of the forces from the steering Wheel and wait the wall. The fly feels in the car is different, and the next thing I know, I was on the fence or on the piles of Tires and to me the fire extinguisher from the face I made, because he is addressed.“

What have you feared after the impact?

You don’t think there even so. I had pain in the back and neck. My first thought was: Oh God, my eyes burn and it tastes really gross, what I have in the mouth. Then the Marshalls and the doctor came. And because I really notice the pain. With the adrenaline that was steamed. After I used my hands to Wipe down the fire extinguisher, I knew that I can move my hands. My shins were on the top of the Cockpit scraped, I was able to move but also. Only the neck and the upper back have hurt.

you Had a date in fear of her life?

Not really, because I knew I could move everything. It really almost was for me, that I can no longer move everything I knew until after the surgery, as well as the pain medication was discontinued. My biggest thought was that you should say that to my mother, my family know that everything is okay. I was never really afraid. I was only able to assess the pain properly. Since all the doctors have all only spoke Chinese, I could understand nothing.