Thousands of years Ago the gods sent a chameleon to earth. His Mission: It should inform the people, that you are immortal. The Lizard landed on the Rübbelberg in Madagascar, called henceforth Rübbi and forgot the order quickly. Blame it on the Sunny top of the mountain, more precisely, the soothing scent, the growing of vanilla tinged. Rübbi enjoyed at the nearby stream, the creamy, deliciously sweet mountain spring water. And the people are since then, unfortunately, mortal.

If that’s true, no one knows. But Rübbelberg is said to have founded the brand, Sebastian Tigges, Christopher leidinger and Philipp nail this year. It comes to eggnog, and mütterchens not more interested, in the meantime, just a Big tea party, but also young urbanites. “We are sure that the number of unreported cases of home Fans is high,” says nail.

so Far, we associate eggnog with the liquid 90 on the birthday cake than with a trendy drink. Therefore, the young entrepreneurs want to bring the eggnog into the Bars.

experience in the alcohol industry had not Tigges, leidinger and nail before. But the three partners have legal and digital Background, and understand the appearances of the Brand. The design of the packaging, designed by a friend, the Berlin-based Agency, the Instagram Account, the official Launch Event in late summer, when the founder served in the yellow shirt is suitable to the high temperatures of eggnog on ice – your total appearance which results in a round image. The legend of Rübbi fits well with this.

it has been the actual history of the Eggnog. Dutch sailors discovered in present-day Brazil in indigenous people of the Amazon, the so-called Abacate appreciate a liqueur on Avocado base, Advocaat mixed with Rum and cane sugar. The return journey to the home of experienced seamen, probably as a happy noise. Wanted to home, you hold on to the potion, but with avocado trees, it was in the Netherlands. The planting attempts failed. So they needed a replacement.

Who was always the idea of the yolk and the eggnog developed into a classic. The company Verpoorten, which has in Germany a market share of around 90 percent, claimed the incident from the seventies of the 19th century. Century, for its founder.

The Do-it-yourself classic

After almost 150 years, it is time to position the alcoholic beverage is purchased to 80 percent of women. In the past years, consumption has declined, according to statistics easily. After another long misunderstood alcoholic beverages such as grain or Pastis will now also produces the eggnog in manufactories, and in Concept Stores, is presented.