fear Of turbulence pushing the influence of members of the two major British parties of the rich, to move the Brexit to several months. As the “Observer” reported, calling on the politicians in the event of a No-Deal scenario is an extension of the deadline for the exit. According to the report, the possibility of a subsequent withdrawal would be discussed with members of the British government seriously.

“If the Deal is rejected, Parliament is a very serious debate about how the economy can be protected from a No-Deal scenario,” said the Brexit-the spokesman of the Labour party, Keir Starmer told the newspaper. Should be “this time nothing can be excluded.” Similar to influential members of the conservative Tories were.

The EU had previously made clear that an extension is in principle possible. This should not, however, mean the re-opening of the negotiations. 29. March 2019, at midnight, from the UK from the European Union. The economy is feared in the case of an unregulated outlet to apply a substantial interference with the trade.