Natacha Amal: 3 indiscretions about the actress


Natacha Amal is a star of the small screen. The 54-year-old Belgian actress is particularly known for her many roles in French detective series such as Navarro, Nestor Burma, Commissioner Moulin or Julie Lescaut. But it is in Femmes de droit that she really made herself known to the general public. Indeed, the actress played the role of the first deputy prosecutor, Élisabeth Brochène, for nine seasons on TF1, between 2000 and 2009. A series in which another actress also revealed herself under the eyes of viewers… Indeed, the latter saw the emergence of Ingrid Chauvin, who embodied the role of the intrepid Lieutenant Marie Balaguère.

This Saturday, October 22, 2022, Natacha Amal was the guest of TPMP People on C8. For the occasion, the actress returned to her relationship with Ingrid Chauvin, with whom she is no longer in contact. The actress confides that the first years of filming Women of Law were “idyllic” and that they got along “like two sisters”.

In 2005, Ingrid Chauvin became very popular following the ratings of the Dolmen saga, broadcast in the summer on TF1. A success that has “colored” the relationship between the two actresses. At the end of season 6 of Women of law, Ingrid Chauvin chooses to leave the series. In an interview with Belgian daily DH Les Sports in October 2010, the Tomorrow Belongs to Us star said that Natacha Amal was “jealous” of her success. “I like to work with respect and good humor. So I preferred to leave the series. The atmosphere was no longer what it was. If there is no more osmosis with your partner , I prefer not to continue”, she explained.

Natacha Amal discovered the words of her former playmate to “her great surprise”. “I did not see that there was a career calculation behind it, and that it was not practical in this calculation, to shine together,” said the actress. However, she accuses Ingrid Chauvin’s entourage of being the cause of this statement about her alleged jealousy. “I think there is a fact that may escape many people: there is also the entourage, it is the entourage that begins to put ideas in your head,” says the actress. Despite everything, in the event of the return of Women of Law, the two actresses would not be against playing together again.

This Saturday, October 22, Natacha Amal confided on the set of TPMP People to have lived a beautiful love story with the American singer Prince for two years, at the end of the 80s. waiting for the first step towards him. He would never have jumped on someone. He was very pure, very intense and very charismatic, with immense respect. His androgyny was a fashionable refinement at the time I retain from him his great and rare elegance towards me”, she recalls.

The ex-star of Femmes de loi returned in detail to the circumstances of their meeting, during a concert in France which she attended with “a few friends”. At one point, a bodyguard approaches her and hands her a piece of paper. “It was marked: ‘I would very much like to meet you after the concert. See you in such a place’. And so I met him in a small nightclub in Brussels, it was quite funny”, a- she confided, before explaining her brutal break with the interpreter of “Purple Rain”. “I left him in the middle of the night. I had blocks, I said to myself ‘I’m not a groupie, a get married-go to bed’ It was the shitty education I had had” , she concluded.

On the private side, Natachal Amal married the Belgian director and writer Claude Rappé in 1997. After ten years of marriage, the couple divorced. “I blame myself for having remained under the influence for so long and I no longer want to hear about my ex-husband,” the actress told Ici Paris in an interview given in December 2011. A few years after this difficult separation , the actress found love again with actor and screenwriter Jacques Stival, whom she married in 2015. But her second marriage ended four years later.

In November 2019, in full promotion for her one-woman-show Even p’Amal, Natacha Amal made a funny revelation to Gala magazine. Indeed, she revealed to have lived two love stories with women, one of which almost led to a marriage. “My girlfriend introduced me to her parents for this purpose,” she revealed. However, the actress does not consider herself to be a lesbian. “Each time it was about strong friendships that led to carnal experiences. Like I couldn’t do anything halfway,” she said.