Photos: the incredible physical evolution of Amel Bent


A figure on the French scene, Amel Bent distinguished herself between song and comedy. This Thursday, December 14, France 2 is rebroadcasting The White Sandals, the TV movie in which the artist plays the singer Malika Bellaribi. A first leading role for the one who will celebrate her 20-year career.

It was in 2003 that the singer Amel Bent took her first steps in the famous tele-hook Nouvelle Star. Eliminated in the semi-finals, she will however finish third in the singing competition. Thanks to this show, she marks the beginning of a dazzling career. In 2005, the sublime brunette released her hit My Philosophy which propelled her to the rank of popular singer.

With seven albums to her credit, the big fan of Charles Aznavour also likes to take on new challenges, such as becoming a coach in the famous entertainment show The Voice (Kids) on TF1. On the heart side, Amel Bent married the manager of a driving school, a certain Patrick Antonelli. Side family life, the singer is now the mother of two girls named, Sofia (born in 2016) and Hana (born in 2017) and a boy named Zayn (born in 2022).

Amel Bent has often yoyoed with his weight. At 37, the star has, in fact, lost many pounds throughout his career. One of his Instagram subscribers had also asked him, under one of his publications, his secret for this weight loss. The young woman, who is very close to her fans, then answered her immediately.

“My 1st big weight loss was involuntary since I was simply undernourished in the face of a personal problem which radically cut my appetite after my 1st pregnancy (-17kg in 4 months). Then I resumed a little weight (6-7 kg) then all lost again after my second pregnancy” she explained. Before finding her this evening on France 2, here is her physical evolution in pictures.