To make their decision, the Elders must go through several stages. First, comes the examination of the text by a rapporteur appointed by the President of the Constitutional Council. Then, after listening to the conclusions of this rapporteur, there will be a vote by the members of the Council, which will lead to an announcement of their decision and the application of the censored text or not if it is validated. However, the President of the Republic may request a second deliberation.

As a reminder, the pension reform was adopted following a Social Security financing bill (PLFSS) and not by the traditional route. Seen by some as a way of “diversion” and “fair” by others, the wise men will decide this Friday at the “end of the day” on the conformity of this PLFSS, as well as on the opposition bill having intended not to set the retirement age beyond 62 years.

Opponents of pension reform will be heard today. Indeed, this Thursday, April 13 marks the 12th day of mobilization. The garbage collectors of the City of Paris also continue to show their dissatisfaction with the possible future measure of the postponement of the retirement age. They also voted this Wednesday an “act 2” of the strike, promising, at the call of the waste treatment sector of the CGT, to “transform the streets of Paris into a public dump until the withdrawal of the reform retirements “.

It was during a press conference in the Netherlands that President Emmanuel Macron spoke, projecting himself beyond the future decisions of the Constitutional Council on pension reform. You will find its major announcements in our slideshow: