In contrast to the national champions Genk and it was Club Brugge will not be blown away in the first team contest. Breath was there as well. In the stands, in the dugout, even on the ground. Breath because of a slew of missed opportunities. The Club deserved more than a 0-0 against the Turkish Galatasaray, but let it lie. Over two weeks, waiting for a move to Real Madrid in the Hazard and Courtois.

THE DATA ANALYSIS. . Here, Club Brugge and regret.

– Trainer Philippe Clement chose to be in his basiself for Mitrovic, Zip, Okereke and Diatta, not Mechele, Balanta, Openda, and Tau. Just like in the second half against Club Brugge kept the Club in the build-up of only three people in the rear, front, stood, Okereke, and Dennis teamed up in the rush hour traffic.

Diatta had to get the right help to quit, and for good reason. To the right was the starting point of the wandering and Ryan Babel, was at least as famous for his pink hair as his voetbalkwaliteiten. But it is the most dangerous for the Turkish champions. It was in Babylon, which is a huge opportunity for the rest, the greatest, perhaps, of the game, as Some are too short terugspeelde the ball, you simply need to meet with the Board. But then, there is the goalkeeper of Club Brugge, who are in our newspapers have told us of how he used to be, with admiration, looked at Dany Verlinden in the infamous stunt at AC Milan. The foreign media dubbed him after that While “The Wall,” Verlinden. Now, it’s about time for Simon’s ‘The Wall,’ Mignolet. Babylon believed that it would be very hard to, suddenly, looming wall and crashed into it, but the 0-0 remained on the board.

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It would also set a goal scored against the rules of the game are. The presented themselves as a powerful team, with strength, with This constantly lay on a mistake by the Club. But it was, in fact, a Club owner and had had it for the rest, all the lead will have to address.

now, Okereke was struggling, again, with himself, in his above-mentioned spitsbroeder got The no-grip. Only it was Dennis again, Dennis. The spot is too much, the oogklep on the wrong side, went hand-in-hand with blistering acceleration and unparalleled depth. As good as he was, however, in this case, however, a header was next, with a shot that went in in front of. Dennis is too good to be sitting on the sofa, but his lack of skills does a trainer can sometimes be krankjorum.

He was, however, not the only one who seemed to be forgotten, no matter how big the goal is. Also, Mitrovic headed home about, but it’s the best chance for peace was before we ran out of Ricca. Five minutes after that he was just next to the ball off after some good action, Okereke, he was given a second chance. The Uruguayan put the ball on the crossbar.

Photo: Photo in the News < / P> In the second half, and it changed nothing. In the back of kuisten Mitrovic, and with a might Fine on the front of it was the Picturesque sight still out of focus position. In the beginning there was a Zipper that is about to bounce back. Then it was Dennis, just on a Turkish target in reference to Vanaken, do not often have the ball in your court, but to the point, if he has a pass to be sent. His effort was too weak to beat the keeper and Moments to be wrong. A few seconds later in the Quarter once again with a save in the house, this time with a fine header from Okereke. While the Club does have a warning and gave them, through Feghouli, beef, Club and press. Clement brought in Openda and, later, Diagne, but the goal was no longer to be for life. Also, Openda kicked wildly about. The contribution of the strikers dropped for the time.

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There was, however, still have the apple for a handplay of a Marcao at the edge of the r-rated, but neither the ref, nor the value seen for a free kick in the. It was a wanhoopskreet of a team that felt it wasn’t for today, it would have been. The first point is that of the three must be present.

SPELERSBEOORDELING. with The most native of bruges, provoked and sometimes even annoying.