Several scenarios make the use of an administrative status certificate mandatory. For example, when you want to buy or sell a used vehicle already registered in France, this document must be submitted to the purchase before its sale. Find out how this certificate of administrative status works and how to obtain it?

The certificate of administrative status guarantees the purchaser that no pledge or opposition will block the transfer of ownership and the issuance of a new registration certificate. This essential document includes two types of mentions: it indicates, at the same time, if a vehicle is pledged or if it is the subject of an opposition to inform the buyer. However, this clarification does not prevent the vehicle from being sold when a pledge is present. On the contrary, an opposition generates a defect of sale since the vehicle cannot be transferred as long as this mention remains present.

To obtain a certificate of administrative status, you can request this certificate directly online. It is available immediately. You can also pick it up at the prefecture or sub-prefecture. When giving it to the future buyer, it is possible to print it, then communicate it to the buyer or share the link that has been generated. This gives the buyer a full report on the official website of the administration, named Histovec. It is essential that the certificate be dated within 15 days.