Murder of Lola: the thesis of an argument between her mother and the suspect studied


A dark day. On Friday October 14, 2022, the body of Lola, a 12-year-old teenager, was discovered in a trunk in the heart of the 19th arrondissement of Paris. The tragic and macabre story of this child, described as “smiling and reserved” moved the whole of France.

Dhabia B., a 24-year-old young woman, is the main suspect in this case, suspected of having raped, tortured and asphyxiated her, before hiding her in the trunk. Arrested on Saturday, she has been in police custody since and was indicted on Monday, October 17 for “murder of a minor under the age of 15 accompanied by torture or acts of barbarism” and “rape of a minor”.

One of the main mysteries surrounding this case is the motive for the murder, which is difficult to identify as it seems arbitrary.

The first track raised by the police was that of organ trafficking. This thesis was quickly dismissed by the investigators. Monday evening, it was the suspect’s lawyer, MaĆ®tre Alexandre Silva, who wished to put an end to “this rumor”, during his speech, assuring that it had “never been in question”. Likewise, the hypothesis of a satanic ritual, never mentioned by the investigators, but which was mentioned on social networks, was also denied by the lawyer.

While a source close to the investigation confided to the Parisian that Dhabia B. could be suffering from “potential psychiatric disorders”, the preferred track from Sunday was that of a gratuitous and senseless murder.

However, while in police custody, the suspect spoke at length about the facts and circumstances of the murder, providing some answers as to the motive…

While in police custody, Dhabia B. would have admitted the murder, before retracting. During her confession, she thus detailed the events, gradually clarifying the mystery surrounding this affair. However, if there are still gray areas and the suspect’s motives are still unclear, the investigators have revealed that she would have had an altercation with Lola’s mother.

The parents of the victim are both guardians of the building in which the sister of Dhabia B. lives. Without a fixed address, the latter was hosted by her sister. She would have gone to see the schoolgirl’s mother to obtain a Vigik pass, an access badge to the building. But the guard would have refused…

Faced with the refusal of the guard, an altercation would have broken out between the two women and could, according to a lead from the investigators, this dispute could be an element of explanation of the case. Indeed, Dhabia B. might have wanted revenge afterwards.

Seeing Lola in front of the residence, she would have thought she saw her mother and committed the crime, reports BFMTV. For the time being, the track of revenge is thus one of those put forward by the investigators. Dhabia B.’s sister, taken into custody, was later released.