Barbecue, brazier, plancha… All are making a comeback in view of the approaching summer period. However, whether in terms of the choice of food, utensils, or even the cleaning method, few people know how to use them correctly. Today, we list for you in our slideshow, the mistakes you should never make again when you use your plancha, without forgetting the safety instructions.

When we think of barbecue evenings, we often imagine a meal with dishes cooked on the barbecue served in a garden, but it can be done in an apartment. And yes, whether electric, gas, or charcoal, the plancha is the perfect utensil to replace the large barbecue when you don’t have a big enough space.

But before using it, it is important to be familiar with the safety rules, such as: “use the machine on a flat surface, do not move it if it is still hot and ensure that it does not there are no children around“, as our colleagues from Madame Figaro tell us. Also, remember never to light the fire of your plancha with alcohol or gasoline.

Instructions on how to clean your plancha and especially on its use are also to be noted. Find the list of mistakes not to make with your plancha in our slideshow available below. On your plancha!