Thibaut Courtois trains are still not at Real Madrid. According to The Royal he worked for a while, Eden Hazard and co. to be ready for the league game against Granada. In the meantime, the Spanish club that an official message to the world on the country’s number one.

Courtois continued on Tuesday during the rest in the locker room, and it was in the Champions League final match against Club Brugge and was replaced by Alphonse Aréola. It soon became clear that the 27-year-old goalkeeper suffered from the stomach flu, but in the Spanish press, the thickness of that story, however.

There was a rumor gone out into the world and that the medical staff is Real, it would have determined that Courtois is suffering from anxiety and, therefore, felt sick, had become, after two of his goals was to collect against a blue-black. He was also uitgefloten by the home fans.

Opposite of Social, said Courtois is still: “If you are the goalkeeper of Real Madrid, you have to press the handle.”

The Royal, however, wanted nothing to do with false rumors about the Red Devil, and had sent an official communiqué to the world in order to destroy.

“It was our player should never be a frightening picture set, and therefore, this information is absolutely wrong”, what it sounds like. “When Thibaut Courtois have been in acute gastric distress and dehydration and diagnosed, so there was no way he was in the game last Tuesday, at Bruges, was able to continue in the future. The player will respond is currently a positive influence on the treatment he has received.”

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Zidane is defending its champions league

Real will on Saturday at 16: 00, Granada and on to the floor. Zinedine Zidane, if it’s Friday, so come out to explain at a press conference. Since he took over for Courtois.

“The fluitconcerten? Whether they are fair or not, it is what it is,” said the Frenchman. “He knows that, and he’s strong. He also knows that everyone else is at fault for the first half against Bruges. In addition, there is always a keeperskwestie for a while. That is, there will always be. You are doing your job, and I have mine. I have 25 players in my selection and I am counting on each and every one of them. We were given three matches, not a goal in and that was with him in goal. What do I have to tell you? We have to look forward.”

Zidane also confirmed once again that the Courtois was very ill. “He felt bad, and now and then it can be done. He was in a heap of pain and misery. Under pressure from Aréola? No one can be sure of a place in my team. I’m counting on all the players. He’s not the only one to blame for the game against Brugge. It’s always the same thing. If we don’t score, or to score goals, collect… and The number one versus number two (La Liga, ed.). Saturday. We have, therefore, is not that bad at all.”