Murder of Justine Vayrac: the causes of her death revealed by the autopsy


She had disappeared on Saturday October 22, after an evening in a nightclub, in the center of Brive-la-Gaillarde (Corrèze), about forty kilometers from her village of Tauriac, in the Lot. Justine Vayrac, a 20-year-old mother, was found dead on Thursday after the confession of the main suspect, Lucas L., in police custody.

This 21-year-old farmer, described as a boy “without stories” by several of his acquaintances, however did not answer all the questions of the investigators.

That evening, Justine meets him in a nightclub: they know each other by sight. Lucas offers her a glass of champagne. A few minutes later, the young woman feels bad; a friend accompanies him outside. Lucas L. follows them. The friend, Theo, ends up leaving them. From then on, no one will have any news from the mother of the family.

Very quickly, Lucas L. appears as the main suspect.

Thursday, at the end of his police custody, the young man finally sat down to eat, admitting to having killed the young woman after consensual sexual intercourse at his home in Beynat. He says he then buried his body, not far from there, using an agricultural machine.

On his instructions, the remains, partially naked, of Justine, were found in the afternoon.

In front of the investigators, Lucas L. conceded a fatal “punch”. But already, during the first observations, several traces of violence were highlighted on the body of the victim.

Numerous bloodstains were also found, both in the bedroom and inside the suspect’s car. There are also questions about the sexual violence that the victim could have suffered.

So far, however, Lucas L., indicted for kidnapping, rape and aggravated murder, has declined to say more. His motive remains unknown, as does the precise course of his crime.

On the other hand, we know more, now, about the causes of the death of Justine Vayrac. The first reports of the autopsy performed on the remains of the young woman have been revealed, AFP said on Monday.

In our slideshow, find out what they tell us about the circumstances of his death.