A hassle all weekend. Motorists who have sought to fill up on gas in recent days have come up against long queues for the lucky ones, desperately empty gas stations for the others. The pumps of the expressways – where black gold is however sold more expensive than elsewhere – were also dry and plugs were even created in places. As a result, traffic jams occurred on these axes, where motorists were waiting in single file on the right lane, one of our journalists was able to see on Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening.

As BFMTV explains, 29.7% of gas stations were experiencing supply difficulties on Sunday, October 9. A critical situation, but which should return to normal in the coming days, according to Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne. On the sidelines of her trip to Algeria, the Matignon tenant explained to the press that the situation would improve “throughout the week”: “We have released strategic stocks to supply service stations and these deliveries are coming gradually”.

The situation is sometimes a little more complicated in certain regions, in particular Hauts-de-France, where 54.8% of gas stations are affected and Ile-de-France, where there were 44.9% of people on Sunday. dry establishments. Since last week, several professions have priority at the pump, including gendarmes and health professionals. Faced with the abuses of certain motorists, encouraging shortages, certain departments have decided to go further by imposing restrictions on everyone at service stations. Regulated quantity, prohibited purchases… Find out which ones below.