Animal Flow as a movement, a model – Train like a animal, many discovered during the Corona-crisis Training at home with your own body weight. This works quite well, especially if you take the animal Kingdom as a model. Andreas Bättig0 comment Marielle Kunz shows your favorite exercise, the Scorpion.Photo: Tamedia AG

When Marielle Kunz trained, it is to the animal. Then, crawls, crawls and jumps. A Scorpion, a monkey, or even to a beast. So at least those body movements that are trained in the so-called Animal-Flow-System.

The Scorpion, for example, Kunz placed both hands on the ground and lifts one of her legs, the is the sting. The monkey touched the ground with the hands and the feet at the same time. Kunz switches between the characters are vibrant and is so in a Flow. “This is incredibly exhausting. Muscles are stressed, the you need never.” Meanwhile, the 42-year-old mother of two children, of Thun, trained for three years under this System and teach it to yourself.

Different name

Meanwhile, there are many forms and names for a simple training system, which is about to move like an animal. Animal Moves, Animal Walks, or Animal Flow have sprung from the Trend, with nothing else to do than to train with his own body weight. Especially in times, in which the fitness center has remained due to the Corona-crisis-closed, discovered a lot of this type of training at home.

“After about three minutes you’re running, the Sweat, only so down. It comes quickly to its limits.”

Marielle Kunz, former swimmer

The Animal Walk, hops, or crawls, for example, over a longer distance. The Animal Flow it comes in the same place, the movements of various animals fluently to each other. It reads easier than it is. “After about three minutes the heat gets to you, only so down. It comes quickly to its limits,” says Marielle Kunz, which is anything other than a sports Amateur. The former swimmer trained in addition to Yoga, Powerlifting. “The Animal Flow helps me to stay flexible. This pays off at the Weights.” You use the animal exercises as a dynamic Warm-up.

seat-animal human –

Kunz recommends that any training system a try. Because the Exercises will not only improves the strength but also the agility. Just for people who sit all day long and this is often tense and is struggling with back problems, could be the animal Training helpful. “The one who comes to me in Training, is usually stiff and tense. After a few weeks, most feel an effect, and tension are often become less.”

The loved ones Marielle Kunz Animal Flow exercises outside in nature. “It is for many of the Exercises close to the ground. It feels on grass, simply more pleasant than on the parquet.” Reaping sometimes irritated looks when she’s just literally a monkey out of you, not bother you. On the contrary: “It is a good mental Training. Animals don’t care, ultimately, what others think of them.”

Coordinative challenge

experience with the animal-Training of the Bernese Niklaus Jud, Fitness Coach, and an expert for functional Training. Know he has learned this special form of training in a Workshop six years ago. And was immediately impressed by her. “This Training improves the mobility of the extreme,” he says. What he especially likes is the coordinative challenge. “You go forward, backward, upwards, downwards, Hand-eye coordination is required.” Also force could be set up with the Exercises. For the pure building muscle mass, the workout is suitable but less.

The Fitness Coach can recommend this training for all. In his Gym, in addition to the health and sport martial artists, rock climbers or dancers learning to train, especially like animal. “You are going to get to your agility. Muscles, Tendons and joints are more pliable.” For beginners, he advises, however, slow to start. Because many of the Exercises you support on the hands. “That can irritate the joints at the beginning of the hand, if you are not accustomed to that.”

Otherwise the risk of injury is very small. “You trained only with his body weight. In contrast to Training with Weights, you run less risk of too much trouble.”

A movement philosophy

The Animal Moves are part of a movement in philosophy that’s called a Movement. Worldwide known due to the Israeli Ido Portal, among others, the Irish full-contact athletes Conor McGregor on his fight prepared. Also the Movement is to use the own body as the weight and develop through the dynamics and flow of a particular body sensation.

“If you watch a Baby as it crawls, it spins, it sits down and stands up. This all looks very natural and fluent.”

Abi Chakraborty of flow village in Zurich,

A Trainer at the Movement-System Abi Chakraborty of flow village in Zurich. In his Training of the animal are mixed movements, with elements of dynamic Yoga, Capoeira, and Modern Dance. All of this is a motion choreography, a Flow, in which you can be completely in the movement pattern, so that the head could switch off the devotion set. “The beauty is that anyone can learn,” says Chakraborty. The Training will help but also to be athletic.

the philosophy behind The System was to learn the natural movements that we, as a babies alone and almost in perfection already. “If you watch a Baby as it crawls, it spins, it sits down and stands up. This all looks very natural and fluent.” Unfortunately, we have forgotten how to adults such movements. “This leads to blockages, we can loosen, but with the Flow and solve.”

novices beware

That people move during Training, animals, place Nicolas Mathieu, President of the Swiss Confederation for sports physiotherapy, well only once. “In order to move three-dimensionally in the entire space, which can improve coordination.” And coordination form an important basis, for example, the strength or the endurance training. Sport beginners, he advises, but in the case of this Training is clear to be cautious. “In contrast to Training with Weights, the load with the body weight does not adapt well.” This means that you must be in a position to can be equal to entire body weight move. “For beginners, this strain is sure to be high,” says Mathieu. Therefore, you should learn first the Basic before you train with the body weight.

The sports physiotherapist sees the animal-Training as a Supplement to other athletic activities. “I would not train every day according to this System,” he says. Because the human body is to be in the year 2020, a Four-point kneeling and more. Especially, our joints and Tendons were not used to being on all fours. “Overdoes it so that, it can lead to injuries.”

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