World economic forum: the Concord Bus by Davos


    The one comes, the other goes to The otherwise rather tranquil mountain village of Davos is in the days of the world economic forum, a frantic, excited place where to miss each other quickly. As an SAP-Chef Bill McDermott with a mobile phone on the ear of the sedan jumping, the suit is determined, and then a spring in their step, Belvedere to the Steigenberger Hotel goes, leaves a door straight ahead, the Chancellor, the chic house with a view over the Ski town in the Swiss Canton of Graubünden. Angela Merkel scurries in the brown coat by the with advertising messages-panelled corridors of the hotel. She was there for a dinner appointment.

    by Daniel Schleidt

    editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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    The Lobby of the hotel during the days of the Congress of the all-connecting node of a huge network. Who is there, has a choice: right to the Party of PWC, on the left, for the reception of EY or to the Alliance, Morgan Stanley or Goldman Sachs, all of whom are top names in the global economy. In the midst of this opaque the hustle and bustle of a flight of stairs leads down to Frankfurt. For the tenth Time, the Bank city and the Rhine-Main Region is present at the summit, as the only Region, as it is called. In the room, “Scaletta” have gathered on this evening nearly 350 guests to a reception under the Motto “Frankfurt meets Davos” – as many as never before.

    Frankfurt wants to bosses, the Economy as an international metropolis with a heart is present. It is tight, it is warm, but so it must be, if you shake in a short period of time as many hands and business cards wants to replace it. In the past few years has gotten around that the regional location marketing Frankfurt/Rhein-Main, invites you to a reception, and the celebrity factor has risen since then. Finance state Secretary Jörg Kukies, an important man who is represented in Berlin, the interests of the financial metropolis. The Bundesbank has sent personnel Board Sabine Mauderer, Facebook Europe boss Martin Ott have a look, and UBS Chairman Axel Weber plauscht with mayor Peter Feldmann.

    Frankfurt in Davos: Central than ever

    Its counterpart from the Chinese partner city of Guangzhou, Wen Guohui, together with Merck’s Board member Kai Beckmann, you know: The group from Darmstadt built in the 22-million-strong city just an innovation center. Later, Deutsche Bank-Board of Directors Karl of pipe, as well as Lufthansa-Chef Carsten Spohr to look past, and even the Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer shakes a few hands.