at Anderlecht and has some of the least experienced coaching staff in the first class. Therefore, it came up with the analyst), Walter Baseggio, after the 6, at 27: “the Place of a real coach over Kompany.” It’s worth the effort, but if it were up to the RSCA players, it is not necessary. “The coach should not have to change it. We need to be more efficient to perform,” says neil, Hendrik Van Crombrugge for a few hours before that Anderlecht, Frank Vercauteren appointed as the new T1.

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just About everyone has been talking about it for once. The player-manager of Vincent Kompany at Anderlecht and a little more wind to get it. Someone once said that it is not all of what he’s doing, and it takes hosanna, it is. Maybe a more experienced trainer at his side, helped bring about.

“I don’t see why we, the coaching staff would have to reschedule,” says Hendrik Van Crombrugge. “It’s not the coach that needs to change. It is we who are in the field, the field is more efficient to perform both defensive and offensive. Defensively, we are all our own, we tend to give you away, but we need to score more goals. If we’re really lucky, the machine can be completely on your own.”

you can have faith in the system and Kompany continues to do so. “Vincent Kompany is in accordance with, the players are not playing. “I have noticed no change in his behavior since I have been here. Everyone, that is, Vincent knows that he is a person who does not easily give in. He is a winner. The only thing that might change is that he’s still more work harder you will fight for it, but all of the staff goes out of their way. The trainer is up to the physiotherapist.”

Tomorrow, at Charleroi, and will be, Anderlecht, therefore, in his well-known system-and-style appointment in spite of the 6 to the 27. “As far as the outside world is saying about our system, I’m not interested in. We know how to do it and stand behind it. Each and every policy, each and every approach in the game-it has positive and negative points. It is up to us to take the positive aspects and the negative to a minimum. If you match up to now, the analyses, then, which is pretty good. Only it isn’t.”

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you can Play-off 1:

the Loss of Charleroi, it is, however, excluded. At 6 30 in the league, the fans will be really angry. “I don’t understand the disappointment with the fans. Anderlecht has a new direction, and we have a lot of credit, but without any results to losing, the supporters and sometimes even their long-suffering patience. But I believe it is still in the Play-off’s 1. Okay, so we have to start being missed, but there are still plenty of games to catch up. Also, the cup remains an important objective. We are still competitive in two competitions.”

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