Eli Iserbyt is the go to man in the form of the cross, at this point in time. Sunday afternoon, showed the 22-year-old of West-Flanders, of Parent Spinach-Bingoal in the world cup of Gavere, where he accumulated resistance to more than four seconds ahead. Iserbyt had won the world cup in the Quad cities, Waterloo, Bern, switzerland, and picked up the win in Kruibeke and in Fig.

you can re-live it here with the race from start to finish.

In Gavere were the places of honor at the Dutchman, Lars van der haar (second) and Laurens Sweeck (in the third).In the state Of of the guidance of Quinten Hermans. With 37 points, one point for Hermans. His compatriot Corné van Kessel’s three points in the third.

as Of the of round first in the field. Behind him are the reason Herman, Van Kessel, Gianni Vermeersch, Michael Vanthourenhout, Show for one more Year, and Iserbyt is the fast track. In the second round of accelerated Iserbyt. He has received the national champion for one more Year, and teammate Vanthourenhout, along with. As the three leaders fought a fierce battle for the lead. During this he made a shoe and he lost the wheel of the Iserbyt. That is put strongly and soon took the twenty seconds to complete.

the Aaets, and Vanthourenhout took the company out of Her, Sweeck, Thomas Pidcock, and Herman. With three laps to go, followed to a known Iserbyt, Van der haar, and Sweeck are looking at the front. Pidcock took from them. Iserbyt did not fall and started the final lap with a lead of 55 seconds on Van der haar. Sweeck, followed by 57 seconds, and Pidcock needed a 1:04 gap. Behind them came a small group with a Year Of country life at personal level, Vanthourenhout, and Herman. Iserbyt, reed was still a strong victory lap, and picked up after the openingsmanche in the Casting of his second victory in the world cup.

Iserbyt was able to after the attack at his own pace, competition, control,

“From the beginning, it was very quick to add,” said the rider of the Pauwels Sauce-Bingoal. “I myself was not so good. However, I was able to pretty quickly get to the first loading guide. Show on for one more Year to put immediate pressure, but that was because of Michael Vanthourenhout as I was to him, a position it had imposed. It was Show with a lot of force, so he is no longer able to compete for the title.”

“In the second round, I got all already, just from the other side, but it was too early in the morning. Right car sports director Mario De Clercq to get me back. And rightly so, because I felt like I was with the speed at which you would not be able to keep up. Eventually, I managed to put in front and at my own pace. I did, and from then on at the same speed, and I was able to, little by little, pulling away from the rest of us.”

Eli ISerbyt has been two out of the three Superprestigecrossen won the game. The next round is also one Mathieu van der Poel to take part in the debate. “I will take a look first at the Koppenbergcross on Friday. Until then, stands as Yet in the program, and we are going to battle it out with Van der Poel.”

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