Covid-19: mortality up sharply in 45 departments


The Covid-19 epidemic is starting again. For several weeks, France has been facing an upsurge in contamination and the specialists are now formal: “We are clearly at the start of an eighth wave”, insists to franceinfo Frédéric Adnet, medical director of the Samu de Seine-Saint- Denis and head of the emergency department at the Avicenne hospital in Bobigny.

“It is different from the previous ones: the slope is less steep. The increase in hospitalizations is moderate but it exists, the number of patients in intensive care remains fairly stable and in the emergency room, there is a small increase too”, argues the expert .

Fortunately, the immunity acquired by the population makes this new epidemic wave weaker than the previous ones. “Many have already had the Covid and the vaccination coverage is high, there is probably also a rest of barrier gestures in public transport, in places where the density of people is high”, assured Frédéric Adnet to our colleagues. .

Unfortunately, this does not prevent some patients from dying from the virus, or from developing serious forms. “Serious forms still exist and they are characteristic of the patients most at risk: the oldest, those who are immunocompromised, with comorbidities. We really have to target the patients most at risk”, affirms the head of department. Where are we seeing the biggest increase in Covid-19 mortality? Check it out in our slideshow below.