” It is there “, “There is still time” : approximately 500 people marched on Saturday afternoon in Marseille for the climate, nearly 80 marches are planned in France, after a first movement, a citizen who had met with a success unprecedented in September. “The aim, that is to say that it is there, that it is not satisfied with the mesurettes of the government,” explained Adeline, who came with his colleagues in the zoo of la Barben to participate in the rally on the old port. Styled for the occasion in a hat with a polar bear head, they plead with the other protesters, mostly families, for a better protection of the environment.

As in September, when a young Parisian, Maxime Lelong, had taken the initiative to call to get off the street after the surprise resignation of Nicolas Hulot in the post of the minister of the ecological Transition, these markets are organized by individuals, with the support of associations. But NGOS, trade unions and political parties are called to scroll by on the tail end of the procession. Under the words of order “more than a walk for the climate” and ” there is still time “, this citizens ‘movement is expected to reach” a clear message that is audible to all ” in favour of the environment and encourage action, said one of the volunteers responsible for the coordination, Danièle Migneaux.

Gathering less imposing than in September

Place de l’opéra in Paris, the banners reading “Change the system, not the climate” and “Warm front” have returned to service, to scroll to the square of the Republic, noted a journalist of the Agence France-Presse. Activists from France insubordinate, came in droves, were invited to step back on the tail end of the procession. “The more we are, the more we can influence public policy,” explains Sylvaine Kit, 70 years old, and came from the paris region. Capucine and Aurélien, age 35, came with their 3 year old daughter on the shoulders and a baby of 3 weeks old, swaddled in a sling. “We are not in the habit of manifesting, but this cause is close to our hearts,” they say. The small family was not able to participate in the first event, because the delivery was too close. The gathering was visually less imposing than that of 8 September, in Paris, was attended by 50 000 people according to organizers, 18 500 according to the prefecture of police.

This time, the walk for climate brought together 14 500 demonstrators in Paris on Saturday, according to a count taken by the cabinet as a Case for a collective of media, including Agence France-Presse. In Lyon, the market climate has also managed to mobilise 10 000 protesters, is as much as a month ago, according to the prefecture of the Rhône, in heat stunning echoing about. According to the organizers, they were the same between 12 000 and 15 000 participants in the city centre. Nearly 3 200 people were present at Lille, according to the prefecture, 2,500 to Bordeaux, according to the police, 1 850 in Strasbourg, according to the police (2 900 according to the organizers) and between 3 and 4 000 in Rennes. On 8 September, the organizers of the march for the climate had claimed 115 000 participants in all France. No count national was not available from the organisers on Saturday afternoon for this new day of manifestation.

Report of the Ipcc

In Paris, in addition to the walk, a “village of initiatives” takes place this Saturday afternoon, up the Republic. The stands are animated by associations, scientists, such as climatologists, Jean Jouzel and Valérie Masson-Delmotte, and a forum is dedicated to the suites of the movement. Rallies organized a little everywhere in france, as well as in Guadeloupe, Martinique, Réunion, New Caledonia and Tahiti. Outside of France, marches were held in Geneva, Luxembourg, Namur, Montreal, and Montevideo, according to organizers. In parallel, other actions must take place abroad at the initiative of the association 350.org. In Japan or in Australia, copies of the latest Ipcc report must be distributed to elected officials.

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