Were of Swiss wholesalers – More people on food donations rejected nThe Corona-crisis has worsened the financial situation of many in this country. The “Schweizer Tafel” collects, therefore, Were of major Swiss distributors.oli/sda14 Kommentare14Die Schweizer Tafel collects food from the 450 stores of the large distributor, and brings you to 500 social institutions. (Archive photo)photo: Peter Klaunzer/Keystone

According to the Foundation “Schweizer Tafel” the Corona has a crisis, the financial Situation of many people in Switzerland deteriorated. More and more people are in need of food donations. The new poverty Agency, the Swiss panel in front of challenges.

Who have already had prior to the Corona-pandemic effort to survive financially, slide because of short-time working or the loss of a job rapidly below the poverty line, according to a media release from Tuesday. Are affected not only single people, but, increasingly, families.

A new phenomenon is that of people living in poverty, reported increased directly by calling the “Schweizer Tafel” and to help asking. This circumstance make the desperate Situation of many people and the new Dimension of poverty in Switzerland.

the Swiss Board had increased since the beginning of the crisis, the demand for food punctually clearly. This increase had also a visible impact on the quantities delivered and the logistics of the Swiss panel.

food for sex workers

the Dramatic financial Situation for sex workers in Switzerland. Since the beginning of the Corona-measures, these women are not more likely to work, and currently had no income. New is the Foundation of the Swiss panel supply, therefore, the Vaud organization Perla, which is committed to better working conditions of sex workers and against trafficking in human beings.

Because these women were often controlled by their employers and in their freedom of movement restricted, bring Perla the food directly in the Salons and establishments in which women work.

Voluntary helpers

The crisis of the Swiss Board organizational challenges, it means more. Many of the volunteers age belonged to the moderate risk group. Thanks to the voluntary commitment of young volunteers and civil service the distribution of food to the needy would be ensured in social institutions such as homeless shelters, soup kitchens, shelters, and tax.

The “Schweizer Tafel” food that collect there, where they were surplus to requirements and will take you where you would need it: From 450 branches of a large distributor to 500 social institutions.

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