Interference in Ukrainian politics – the phone recordings to Joe Biden belastenIn the Ukraine surfaced are alleged telephone recordings of conversations of the democratic US presidential candidate. red/sda22 Kommentare22Joe Biden in Ukrainian politics interfered.Photo: Michael Brochstein/

In the Ukraine alleged phone have surfaced-recordings of conversations, the likely democratic U.S. presidential candidate, Joe Biden, from his time as Vice-President. The recordings are discussed with the Ukrainian former head of state Petro Poroshenko about personnel issues in the Prosecutor’s office of the Ex-Soviet Republic. Washington should also set the financing of a parliamentary party, it was said in it.

Poroshenko’s opponents see this as evidence for a direct interference in the Ukrainian internal politics. Appropriate records were made on Tuesday to the public. The Parliament Deputy Andrei Derkatsch presented in Kiev. The talks from the years 2015 and 2016 are taken up by Poroshenko and on unclear ways journalists been playing, he told journalists.

loan of one billion in the turn,

Biden had boasted in January 2018 so that the corrupt current Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Schokin had been fired in his direction. In return, Kiev in 2016, received a withheld credit over a billion dollars.

Against the US President, Donald Trump had been initiated after a telephone conversation with Poroshenko’s successor, Volodymyr Selenskyj in September 2019, a removal procedure. Trump is said to have asked Selenskyj incriminating evidence against Biden in exchange for military aid in the millions. Trump has spoken in the proceedings in February by the Senate, dominated by Republicans, at the end of the free.

Biden should have protected with the dismissal Schokins his son, Hunter, before anti-corruption investigations in Ukraine. The 77-Year-old is regarded as a candidate of the Democratic party against incumbent Trump for November expected presidential elections in the United States.

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