If Thomas doesn’t manage to make a 200 million-pound (or 226 million euros), to be found, it has to file for bankruptcy. The oldest tour operator in the world, then all the operations will stop, the travel to close, and also all of the planes on the ground. Currently, there would be more than 10,000 fellow citizens on the road at Thomas Cook Belgium, how to get her back home as the curtain falls on the operator? And the travel plans are in ruins, for those who have to leave?

a number of passengers voicing their concerns to the editors: “We have to leave, but don’t know if that’s still possible.” The answer is an unequivocal: “yes, we can do that. Who has a trip booked through Thomas Cook in Belgium, it includes, also, Neckermann and Pegase, it will soon feel confident to leave it. The tour operator is, after all, an insurance against financial failure” if there is a guarantee fund, which is part if the tour operator is not able to pay for it.

“Everyone is guaranteed”

“In our country, it is a legal requirement for a travel agent or tour operator to sign up to a compensation fund, or insurance company,” said Simon, in November, the president of the consumers ‘ association Test-achats. “Well, Thomas Cook Belgium and TUI’s are members of the Travel Guarantee fund. Therefore, everyone is assured of a performance of a holiday, or a refund.”

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It is this: as a tour operator and must include the name and contact details of the guarantee are clearly stated on the purchase order and the contract. It is known to the relevant hotel owner or airline, who is to correct, if the seller of travel, and in this case of Thomas Cook going bust.

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“When I read the news about a possible bankruptcy have heard of it, we were a little worried,” says Albert from Hoboken. He could, in the future, his wife, to Dubai, and set off for a week’s holiday. “We have booked a package holiday with Neckermann, a flight and a hotel combined together. But, since I don’t know what exactly is going to happen, I’ve been in contact with Thomas Cook. The customer service staff let me know that our trip tomorrow as planned, it will continue.”

Who is currently on holiday, has left and is staying in a hotel through Thomas Cook, booked, do not worry. “For all of our customers who are still on the road, everything is normal,” says Leen Segers, president of Thomas Cook Belgium. “They will be able to count on all the services they have booked, and the service is running as in the past. At each destination, there are also tour guides that are able to answer it.”

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Assume that you go into a bankruptcy, and then there is the Travel Guarantee fund in order to ensure that the holiday is as close to normal as possible, continue to expire or, in the worst case scenario, an evacuation begins. “If necessary, with an extension of the stay, if you don’t immediately you can be brought back,” said Test-aankoop. “The fund also assumes the costs for the expense which you will have to make to the foreign country to make that happen.”

Photo: BELGAIMAGE < / P> Another 226 million are needed:

now, Though, Thomas Cook has already 1 billion euros in fresh capital as it was described by the Chinese shareholder, and the banks, the operator, again, at 226 million euros, is required in order to get through the winter. For now, it is to book a hotel for this time of year. Sunday morning held with the top management of the company to have a consultation with the largest shareholders and the lenders. What exactly is said, it will not be made public. “We can’t comment on the current situation and the meetings that have taken place. That is, it is in the group.”

Thomas Cook Belgium does not own the airline anymore. That is, it was in 2017 and is largely taken over by Brussels Airlines. The airline will be transporting, since then, about 80% of the people who are in the Thomas Cook or end of books. But in the united Kingdom, which, however, are still operated by Thomas Cook Airlines, this would be the biggest repatriëringsoperatie in the country since the Second world War to take place. About 150,000 of the British can now enjoy a holiday, which is the group reported. There is also a plan by the Uk civil aviation authority (CAA), if they are to be repatriated: “Operation Matterhorn”. The name is a reference to the American bombing of the Japanese armed forces during world WAR ii.

The whole procedure can take up to two weeks, which is consistent with the maximum term of the most of the holidays at Thomas Cook. The cost of the global evacuation are estimated to be several billions of pounds, 600 million pounds sterling in the United Kingdom.

the Beach at Hammamet, in Tunisia. Photo: REUTERS < / P> “Hostage”

For British tourists, with the financial soup in the case of Thomas Cook, however, any unpleasant consequences. They say that being held hostage in their hotel in Germany. The owners of the Les Orangers in Hammamet, close to Medina, all the guests were about to depart, suddenly, to ask for “extra charges”.

Ryan, Farmer from Leicestershire, tells his story on BBC radio: “It all started 16 hours, when the announcement came out that all of the people that today is the day, the front desk had to come in for an extra sum to be paid, a clear view of the situation at Thomas Cook”. According to the British guests, there are armed security guards at the entrance to the hotel is to be positioned, that is, the doors will lock if the guest refuse to pay for it. “I would describe it as being held hostage to.”