An Australian mother is to give birth to a baby of about six pounds. “My little sumo wrestler, my little Remi,” says Emma Millar is proud to be the local newspaper.

“Everybody was in a state of shock.” Which tells the story of Emma Millar in the local newspaper, the Illawarra Mercury. The midwives, the doctor, and her partner, Daniel couldn’t believe what she saw when she got to the scales under their new-born baby and looked at the counter was 5,88 kg.

“I was thinking, however, is that they are a bit heavier, it would have been, because I have gestational diabetes and had had it. However, it was not the date I had calculated, but they are all so heavy.”

the Useless preparations

Because of the water too soon it was broken, it was the last baby at 38 weeks and 2 days, in the world, thanks to an emergency c-section. “So be it, because if you’re up for that, I naturally had to straining. I really don’t aangekund”, she replies. Now, restore them on the birth of your child, but they need to be careful, because they can no longer release… six pounds.

not only That, but also a great deal of preparation, appear to be of no use at all to it. “All of the dresses that we have bought have been too small,” says the new mother. That’s not to mention the size of the bed.


the , Babies are not remarkably more in Australia, Remi and her weight is actually very out there. The average weight is about 3.3 kilos. Only 1.2 per cent of the new-born babies weighing more than 4.5 kilograms, said The Lawyer, AU.

as They succumb to it, not yet. The heaviest baby ever was, in fact, up to 10.2 kg. The Italian mum Carmelina Fedele gave birth in 1955 of a baby through the natural way.

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