Francis Huster, Matt Pokora… They saved the lives of other stars


Christmas 2022 was “a bit special” for Dominique Besnehard. It is the famous agent of star in person who entrusted it on the social networks. On Facebook, he has, in fact, recounted a misadventure which almost cost him his life. Fortunately, he escaped the worst and was “at the Georges Pompidou Hospital for observation” on Sunday, December 25.

This accident happened the day after the Miss France evening at which the producer was present as a member of the jury. While he was driving with the actor and president of the jury Francis Huster and a friend named Hubert, the 68-year-old man suffered from a heart problem. The other two passengers were therefore able to intervene and save his life.

“Thank you to Francis Huster and my friend Hubert for realizing that I was going off the rails and the car was stopped when they MAGICALLY passed a fire engine,” Dominique Besnehard wrote on his Facebook page. “What would [be] my destiny then?” he wondered.

The one who managed the career of the biggest stars of French cinema wants to be reassuring all the same about his condition. “Everything is in order now. I think that I am well followed by my cardiologist and by the team at the Georges-Pompidou hospital”.

After these revelations, Francis Huster confided, not without emotion, on the subject in the pages of Le Parisien. “You saved my life. These were Dominique’s first words when we were able to talk to each other after three days of anguish. We don’t have to brag about that, but to thank one of the stars there- high, one of those stars who had to convince heaven to leave us, and for a very long time, this man who was so true and so generous. Perhaps Dominique took the opportunity to say a few words to them up there, to all those stars, before coming back to us! He will tell it in one of his next productions!”, he declared to our colleagues.

Francis Huster isn’t the only star to rescue another celebrity. A few years earlier, it was Matt Pokora who was the hero of the situation.

In May 2016, former footballer and host David Ginola suffered a heart attack. This incident occurred while he was taking part in a football match, before a golf tournament with celebrities. “David Ginola is a miracle, he owes a proud candle to Matt Pokora who gives him a cardiac massage”, revealed later Professor Gilles Dreyfus.

Indeed, the French singing star had witnessed David Ginola’s heart attack and had, after this event, been acclaimed by the press and his fans as a hero. However, a few years later, on the set of Salut les Terriens, the former presenter of La France has an incredible talent returned to this event.

“People massaged my heart so that my brain continued to be irrigated while the firefighters arrived. Mr. Pokora was among them, but he was not the only one to help me, contrary to what has was then told. He also experienced it very badly”, he had thus declared, before specifying “He did not digest the fact that we write, on social networks in particular, that he had saved, while he had done practically nothing. Obviously, it is more salesman to say that Mr. Pokora saved the life of David Ginola, but it is not the reality “.

However, this is not the case for other incredible stories like the one about two stars of the show Fort Boyard.

Anthony Laborde, aka Passe-Muraille in Fort Boyard, and Yves Marchesseau, better known as La Boule, were very good friends. Thus, they saw each other often and it was during a visit in 2014 that the incident occurred.

“The last time Anthony visited me at home, he saved my life! I had a heart attack. Fortunately he was there, he immediately called the emergency services and headed for the hospital”, said Yves Marchesseau in Maine Libre.

“Anthony is a great guy! When he arrived on the show, I had already been there for ten years. and everyone loves him. Without him, it wouldn’t be the same. I adore him above all else, he’s my baby and I’m his grandpa.”

Thus, his friend could have saved his life. Only, a few months later, on September 29, 2014, the famous character died at the age of 62, carried away by cancer.