Dries De Bondt (Corendon-Circus) Sunday in the Memorial Rik Van Steenbergen, which starts in a quiet street. and at the finish line after 200 miles, in English, would have won. The 28-year-old De Bondt took out the solo in about one and a half miles, his second victory of the season after he had already been in Halle-Ingooigem to be put down. Jimmy Smith, also from the Corendon-Circusploeg, and was runner-up for the Dutch, Piotr Havik and Oscar Riesebeek. National champion Tim Merlier secured the third place. This is the Memorial Rik Van Steenbergen was the eighth and final round of the Bingoal Cycling Cup. The race start for Baptiste Planckaert (Wallonie-Bruxelles).

quite soon in the race, a breakaway with seven riders. David Boucher, Dries De Bondt, Jimmy Smith, and the German Philipp waltz leben and the Dutch Oscar Riesebeek, Coen Vermeltfoort, and Piotr Havik made a part of that. They drove to the 3:50 a.m. the way of the race in which the riders from the Wanty-Gobert and the Wallonie-Bruxelles, and the pace is determined. Oscar Riesebeek drove about 60 kilometers to the finish line already. He had to get his companions to get away, but was able to later connect to a computer.
you will be the Leader in the Bingoal Cycling Cup, Baptiste Planckaert, put on 50 miles on the final stage to craft a response to. A few others have responded to this, it’s what’s made the most of the groups burst. Philipp waltz leben, there had to be at the front and was swallowed up by the group and Baptiste Planckaert. If the national champion, Tim Merlier, with a further four riders joined, we were a group of 16 on the counter-attack in the six remaining early escapees.

now, With a further 31 miles ahead of you had to be in the front, Coen Vermeltfoort, with the cramps, it. As for the first part of the two localized spins on each of the 14 kilometers, it was also to David Boucher in the breakaway group. Dries De Bondt, Jimmy Smith, Oscar Riesebeek, and Piotr Havik began with a clue from one and a half minutes in the group of Baptiste Planckaert.

The understanding of the early escapees remained perfect up to one and a half miles from the place Dries De Bondt and went quickly. At first he was still, Piotr Havik, but for a second, for it was De Bondt, only way. He came in and I was able to, for the second time this season, the zegegebaar to make.

mr. Dries De Bondt (Corendon-Circus) was on Sunday, with the Memorial Rik Van Steenbergen, and his second win of the season. Previously, it was De Bondt is the most powerful in the Halle-Ingooigem. In the streets of the Dutch, the home of Rik Van Steenbergen, the rider of Corendon-Circus for a solo of almost one and a half kilometres away neatly. His team-mate Jimmy Smith was the second to join him on the stage.

“We have been with the team almost the whole game, checked” lit De Bondt, after the end of the harbour. “We have started to work on the long run with seven. In the final shot, there are still four left. So it became clear that we all have our fair share of work to do in order to keep ahead of. Due to the wind, we were actually on our gums. The advantage, however, is that we have two riders on Corendon-Circus, first sit. It was, however, an odd finale for the horror was the fact that the peloton was coming back. That was, thankfully, not at all.”

De Bondt set the slotkilometers two demarrages on it. The second one was the right thing to do. “I was first, Piotr Havik with it,” he explained. “So I was right in there. I was, after all, have to rely on Jimmy Smith. After that I went to. Then he called after me. I’ve had it for a period of time, really have a difficult time in the race, but I did it theatrically, the icing on the cake. A lot of the surplus I had, but not any more. With the overall title of Bingoal Cycling Cup, I’m not really busy. However, the fact that the team still have a lot of points and had to collect our ranking within Europe for the Tour. I am glad that I have been able to win, and that we have a grasp of the points have gapakt.”

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