Decision of the Bundesrat – the mind games – and how about in other sports?Of the latest Corona-easing benefit of 6 or more. June, large parts of the sport. It is, however, in this season’s football games with viewers, as Daniel Koch in prospect is unlikely.1 Kommentar1Man can’t remember much more of it: A football game in front of a full house here at YB against Basel. KEYSTONE

According to the Federal Council’s decision Wednesday can breathe a sigh of relief, large parts of the sport. For sports events, three of the locker is considered to be in Phase, namely, in principle, the same rules as for all other events. Not allowed – expected to be up at 6. July – are competitions in sports, with constant, close physical contact, such as Swing, Judo, Boxing, or couple dance.

All the training possible

In all sports is allowed after 6. June, without limitation, the group sizes of the contact to be trained, including those with a narrow body. In these sports, the training must take place but in “stable Teams, and the presence of lists”.

Swiss-Olympic-President Jürg Stahl is happy: “From the 6. June is the heart of the Swiss Sports start back strong to beat – and this heartbeat you will feel! The pent-up demand after so long is great. The competitions and games are an important driver for organizations, clubs, and in particular the young.”

condition everywhere, however, that for all facilities and events protection concepts are available. The Hygiene and spacing rules must still be adhered to.

The next decision: 24. June

the context of the protection concept to the loose match. Subsequently it is the responsibility of each Association, its individual protection concepts to adapt and based on this, the organizers of each event will then need to develop your personal concept. These will then be monitored, possibly by the local authorities.

The hope had been that even sports competitions will be allowed with 300 to 1000 persons. In addition, the Federal Council is now, however, only at 24. June, as well as about possible further easing. Large-scale events with more than 1000 people to Stand today to 31. August is prohibited. But it is not excluded that this will change. Federal President Simonetta Sommarugas message in the case of sports fans also courage: “We want to simplify before the summer of the current arrangements to continue.”

the easing mean for individual sports.

football: What is the matter now?

On Sunday, only caught unawares, Daniel Koch, the Super League by the delegate of the Federal office for public health in the area of Coronavirus spoke of sporting events, with viewers could already be available in July again. He carried out the thought experiment of a football game with 10’000 spectators and a Corona case. “If you know exactly where anyone is sitting, send 20, 30, maybe 50 people in quarantine.” The stirred up hope. It has not been confirmed so. On the question of the discrepancy between the statements of a chef and yesterday’s government decision, said health Minister Alain Berset in a nutshell: “It is always what the Federal Council decides.”

The relaxations from the Wednesday mean that the mind games are now allowed definitely. Within the League, it was not expected to Play with viewers for the rest of the season anyway. Now the approval of the twenty Clubs in the Super and Challenge League at the extraordinary General meeting of shareholders that is lacking on a Friday so the season from 20. June can be continued.

Made the football fans hope: Daniel cook, delegate of the Swiss Federal office for health.

The Swiss Football League has guided the Clubs on the modalities for the two votes on Friday. Up to now, is of the opinion that a simple and More of 11 votes is enough to change the mode, and the League for the next season to 12 teams to increase was. But now the League is relying on a legal opinion, according to which a two-thirds majority is needed, so that’s 14 votes. The League spokesman Philippe Guggisberg confirmed. In addition, the Verbandsrat of the football Association should give a three-quarters more with the consent of, because a mode change would be a modification to the wagering game regulations. And since it is stated that the Super and Challenge League will be played with 10 Teams. What concerns the continuation or the termination of this season, is sufficient for a decision, the simple More. (ths/dwu)

athletics: Swiss Championships as the culmination of

From 6. June, may perform the athletes back to training without the required group size, training camps and also competitions. What is The track and field season will begin in June and culminate with the Swiss championship from the 11. up to the 13. September. Where this will take place is still open. It is clear, however: The event will not be used for the replacement event of the “world class Zurich”.

All of which ran: Mujinga Kambundji is 2019 Swiss champion. In 2020, the Event will also take

In this shortened season 2020 are to take place, some of the smaller athletics events in all regions of the country. Various organizers have assured the Association already that you want to carry out a occasion. Are provided for the top Swiss athletes in addition, two Meetings with good participants fields, with athletes from the neighbouring countries could be used. The two Meetings will be held in early July in Lucerne and in the middle of July in Bern. (mob)

Swim: Training for all

For two and a half weeks and the second easing are allowed to train with the Elite swimmers in the club, in compliance with the protection concepts. When in Zurich, top-of-the Limmat, unite Sharks and SC Uster Wallisellen are around two dozen athletes, the the professional do. With the decision Wednesday, it is now to all the club members from the 6. June is allowed to go into the water. In type, the subject, after nearly 400 members, in addition, the swim school can begin operating again, usually are involved 1200 children. Swiss Swimming writes in his concept that, due to the findings on the killing effect of chlorine water on the Coronavirus likely to be even lower distances than two meters would be safe. (mos)

Tennis: Bencics performances in Switzerland

For the Tennis mean the relaxations largely a return to normalcy, writes Swiss Tennis. Can take place, in particular, the Interclub championship. Almost all of the leagues of Switzerland’s largest grassroots tennis event were proactively been from may/June to end of August/September, relocated, and can now be also held there, such as the NLA. The king class will be held as planned on 28. July to 9. August and may emanate from a strong cast. So Belinda Bencic let it be known that she wants to participate, with other Fed Cup players is also to be expected. In addition, the tournament series for N-player(on the inside) and other events are designed to provide for Topcracks and young hopes for match practice and earning potential. (mke)

Strong cast for the Swiss Tennis: Belinda Bencic.keystone-sda.chVolleyball/beach volleyball: the First tournaments in June

“We will do everything that we can start with the national, regional and Junior Championships as quickly as possible,” says Philippe Saxer, Director of beach volleyball Swiss Volley. Specifically, the first tournaments are already on 11. June take place. Until then, the Association has the time, the appropriate protection concept to adapt. In General Saxer pleased to be able to wide sports competitions and training without restrictions to perform. Is unlikely, however, that this year will be even bigger tournaments on the World Tour.

a Little more leeway, the Association for volleyball players has. The season in the NLA starts for women and men until the beginning of October. As the Federal Council, the Opening of events for up to 1000 spectators for the 24. June, with a view of the Association that the Indoor season will be carried out as planned. (mob)

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