The news surprised many. As revealed by Le Parisien, host Michel Drucker is hospitalized in Île-de-France in order to follow “a battery of medical tests” in connection with his open heart surgery which he had to undergo in 2020. This year there, the star of Strongly Sunday had confided in his misadventure, he who was close to death.

“It’s a small miracle all the same, because I believed at one point that I would not go to the end of this trip and that I would end it with consequences, it was my great anguish”, had- he declared in Seven to eight, Audrey Crespo-Mara’s program on TF1 and to continue: “I said to myself: it does not matter, I will find all my friends after all. I thought of all those that I received throughout my career, and my friends who left to join the invisibles”.

According to our colleagues from Parisian, the star host of France Télévisions should be released from the hospital “at the end of the week”. “We agreed with Michel that he take the time to rest after his exams. I talk to him every day and he is doing very well,” said Stéphane Sitbon-Gomez, the group’s director of antennas and programs. .

In March 2023, host Michel Drucker was once again operated on from the heart following a relapse. “I spent months between resuscitation, intensive care and rehabilitation. I did not flinch, but when I learned that my vital prognosis was engaged twice, I was panicked for my family. I do not I have not gone far from the disaster”, he declared to BFM TV.

In an interview with RTL, the 80-year-old claimed to be “a ghost, a survivor”. He should return next September for a new season of his show Vivement Dimanche.

In the meantime, Michel Drucker should count on the support of those close to him, like his wife, actress Dany Saval or even his adopted daughter, Stéfanie Jarre, daughter of Maurice Jarre. Other members of his family are little known to the general public, including the PAF monster’s granddaughter, Rebecca Chateau. Discover them in our slideshow.