Claude Chirac and Vincent Lindon: return to their love story


The story of an idyll like no other. Among the men in Claude Chirac’s life, his relationship with actor Vincent Lindon received a lot of media attention in the 1980s. Between the daughter of former President of the Republic Jacques Chirac and the son of businessman Laurent Lindon, the first meeting marked the spirits.

In 2017, the program Un jour, un destin, broadcast on France 2, returned to the beginning of the relationship between Claude Chirac and Vincent Lindon. While a friend of Vincent Lindon invites him to a party organized in the private apartment of the former head of state, the actor arrives at the party and literally loses his pants in front of Claude Chirac. The latter would have offered to fetch a belt from his father’s closet.

In the documentary, Bernadette Chirac’s daughter explains that her father arrived at the wrong time. “He was still a stranger, with the pants […] more or less put on and the whole thing fiddling with a belt that belonged to him”. A first approach that is surprising to say the least for the members of the Chirac family. However, their relationship was poorly perceived by the parents of the young woman. “Her parents take a rather dim view that she is dating an acrobat. They are very afraid of this young actor, a little crazy, who is entering their daughter’s life”, according to the words of Vincent Lindon’s brother. reported in the magazine.

Claude Chirac and Vincent Lindon, however, will live a long love story for ten years punctuated by ups and downs. As told by Line Renaud, friend of the presidential couple and confidant of their daughter Claude. “When she was in the middle of a love story, when she was madly in love with Lindon, when things weren’t working very well anymore, she had been very sad. She came here to cry. And I consoled her,” he said. she mentioned in Archives Secrètes, broadcast last May on France 3.

The famous nonagenarian, who lives in La Jonchère in the Paris suburbs, welcomed the Chirac daughter and advised her in her love life. “It’s not just him in life!” She often reminded him. For Claude Chirac, “La Jonchère, for me, it’s really the place where I came to take refuge when it was too difficult. It was also a secret place. From the moment I was in La Jonchère, I knew that no one would ever know what was going on there or what was said there, so there was total trust”, according to comments reported by Télé 2 Semaines.

If the actor Vincent Lindon prefers to separate from his companion to live a new story with Caroline of Monaco, Claude Chirac was subsequently married to the political scientist Philippe Habert in 1992. After the latter’s death the following year, the woman politician had a child with judoka Thierry Rey in 1996. Since 2011, she has been married to Frédéric Salat-Baroux in a union celebrated by the mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoe, in front of an audience of stars. “She was dressed in a superb golden dress of Roman inspiration”, reported in particular at the time Le Parisien.