A sensational new recruit. This year, Élodie Frégé joined the table of investigators for the fifth season of Mask Singer broadcast every Friday evening on TF1. A program for which the singer had already been approached to participate before refusing the invitation.

“I have an inferiority complex. My voice is not at all recognizable. People have forgotten me so they will not recognize me”, admits, with humor, the ex-winner of Star Academy during the press conference Planet attended last March. However, Élodie Frégé admits that her playful side encouraged her to participate in the program. “I said to myself: ‘ah hey, if I conducted the investigation”, confirms the one who accompanies Michèle Bernier, Jeff Panacloc and Kev Adams on TF1.

Before joining the famous show hosted by Camille Combal, the young quadra was already familiar with the concept. “I have friends who organized Mask Singer aperitifs, especially the year when Karine Ferri appeared there in the Spider’s costume (in 2020)”, she says in Télé 7 Jours. “That’s where I really discovered the principle of the program”.

This new role of investigator is also an opportunity for Élodie Frégé to put forward her spirit of deduction in front of the viewers. Sometimes insightful, sometimes dull… the singer is very often talked about during each show. Like last week, in the show of May 12, 2023, where the pretty redhead almost had a clothing accident by revealing her breasts.

Dressed in a burgundy-colored dress, very indented on the sides, Élodie Frégé caused a sensation in spite of herself all evening. And she did not fail to comment with humor on her sublime outfit on her Instagram page. “Oopppssss!! But tell me: had I omitted to post these clicheyyyy’s from last week in this famous glazed brown sheath which made an inefficient prison (according to the “sandal” press) to my defending and defending heart (or slain)?”, She wrote in the caption of her photo on May 19. “Ah! The ink has flowed, mazette, but everything has remained well anchored in its place, no offense to the funny people of fresh water!!”

Behind this iconic and sensational style, the Mask Singer investigator was able to count on her dream team who sublimated her from head to toe. As noted in her post, her makeup artist Monica Bibalou took care of her beauty, Brigitte Mer oversaw the hairstyle, and stylist Aurélien Storny was the work for Elodie Frégé’s styling.

It must be said that the singer and actress (seen in The man of our lives) likes to appear with sensuality in the media and social networks. Through her Instagram page, she shares her hot outfits at every opportunity. Behind the scenes, before a concert, on a film set or on vacation: Planet reveals an anthology of its 10 most beautiful photos.