Fatal fall in the mountains – she was 16, brilliant, and a sun-cal indie French Luce Douady was climbing an exceptional talent in the sport, but above all, enormously popular. Also, the Swiss Olympic hopeful Petra Klingler mourns the death of you. Marco Keller1 Kommentar1Leider premiere of Luce Douady only a few of such competitions such as here at the Junior world Championships in 2019.

It’s a normal climbing should be a trip, as a variety to the training routine. Luce Douady, last November 16, and the great hope for the future in the French sport climbing, was with friends in St Pancrasse on-the-go, your local climbing area in the vicinity of Grenoble, as they came to an exposed position to the case. According to insiders, when you Get on, so not during the actual Climb. The French plunged almost 150 feet in depth, and could only be recovered dead. Petra Klingler, the climb is the undisputed Swiss number 1 in the sport, is dismayed: “It is tragic. I had to empty swallowing, as I’ve read from Luces to death and am very sad.”

It is as if you stumble on the sidewalk, and immediately a car follows

Petra Klingler

The detailed circumstances that led to the tragic accident are not yet known. For Klingler, however, is clear: “It must have been a chain of unfortunate circumstances, Luce was not a risk-taker and not a negligent Person.” A residual risk in Climbing is always there, explains the 28-Year-old, and makes a comparison: “It is as if you stumble on the sidewalk, and immediately a car follows.”

The teenager impressed with all the Established

The best Swiss Climber had seen the young woman several times in competitions. Especially in memory remained to her is an invitation-event in Stuttgart, for the Douady had qualified. “She has not then managed Only a Boulder that we were all Established. This was a Mega-Performance, very impressive, and for all of us, very inspiring.”

your potential was already known for a long time, in the last year, conquered Luce Douady the scene in the storm: you won in Arco in Italy for the Junior world Championships in the discipline of bouldering and stunned in their world Cup debut in Vail in the US state of Colorado, the Great 5th place. In October, the EM-took the Bronze medal at the Active in the Lead, and let the Swiss participants Anne-Sophie Koller, Michelle Hulliger and Katherine Choong clearly behind. She was “young, brilliant and talented,” announced that the International Federation (IFSC) in his obituary.

at the age of 14 – here at a Competition in Munich – was one of Luce climbing Douady to the Toptalenten in the sport.Photo: Marco Kost (), especially Luce Douay was a good person

Also in the home, the grief is great: “Luce Douady has left us”, mourned her climbing club “Chambéry Escalade” on Facebook. “Luce, this girl, this young woman, full of energy, passions and talents. A beautiful Person. She went, how she lived, in which you can bite into life.”

Klinglers assessment is in line with these words: “she was a good-hearted man, and has conquered in her young life, so many hearts. Above all, she was always in a good mood and always had a Smile on his face.”

For Tokyo, where Climbing for the first time, Olympus is Japanese, would not be Douady stood still in the French squad. Three years later, when the summer games in Paris will be played, would have you in front of their home crowd, however, probably calls taken on precious metal.

friends of the family have now launched a Crowdfunding. Thus, the cost of the funeral is to be covered, the Rest goes to an organization of Climbers dedicated to the fight against cancer.

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